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9 Best QR Code Menu for Restaurants in 2024

Adapting to the modern way of dining using the best QR code menu for restaurants creates a huge difference in your daily operations.

This software can contribute to great dining experiences. It eliminates common issues that diners usually face, like long waiting times, slow turning of tables, imprecise orders due to miscommunication, and others.

On the other hand, restaurant operators can delegate tasks to this technology, like getting customer orders, which speeds up the entire ordering process.

Restaurant businesses and diners can benefit from this advanced pay-at-the-table restaurant technology, ranging from smoother kitchen operations to enhanced customer satisfaction.

While many options are available online, you must find only the best for your restaurant. And to help you choose wisely, we have listed our top nine picks for the best QR code menu software.

What is a contactless menu?

A contactless digital menu is a QR-powered technology used in dining establishments. This technology lets diners order a meal without touching a physical menu or having close interaction with the waitstaff.

Tableside ordering using QR menu
Tableside ordering using digital menus.

It’s a modern way of dining where customers use their smartphones for almost everything: browsing the menu, placing and paying for orders, and even leaving tips.

The great thing about the QR code menu technology is it offers a more comprehensive ordering experience. It can show mouthwatering food pictures, recommend popular items, and suggest pairings.

Customers can also make more informed choices because the menu software shows more food details besides the prices: the food description, allergen contents, and even portion sizes.

The features of the nine best QR code menus for restaurants

The QR code digital menu software is an investment; you must choose one that suits your needs (and your budget) and helps you in your daily operations.

Don’t know where to start? We got you. Check out our top nine choices for the best QR menu providers, their services and features, and their prices.


MENU TIGER is one of the best QR code contactless digital menu software offering restaurants with impeccable features for easy menu management.

This platform has tools, including the best QR code for restaurant menus, that let you easily manage the availability of a menu category or item. You can schedule it or even hide particular items.

Menu editing is optimized for desktop or tablet; you can edit it anytime and from any device. The software also allows copy-pasting food categories and items.

MENU TIGER has marketing tools to help you promote your products, which include upselling, cross-selling, running multiple promotions on the restaurant website, and featuring high-profit margin items.

It also has a customizable dine-in menu QR code and a URL QR code for your restaurant website. You can choose colors, pattern shapes, eye styles, and frames. You can also add your store’s logo for brand identity.

Moreover, you can create a WiFi QR code for easy access to your WiFi network so customers can easily engage with you on your social media pages.

It also has printer integration for restaurant menu receipts, which automates and speeds up the process of printing. You can get this add-on feature for only 20 USD monthly if you subscribe to our paid plans.

Other key features:

  • Integrations with Zapier and Canva
  • Supports mobile payment through Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Customer feedback
  • Supports multi-location stores
  • Assign sub-users and co-admins per store
  • White label your domain
  • Order, revenue, and customer analytics
  • Customizable restaurant website
  • No app download
  • 24 hour customer support

Pricing plan: Freemium (free for your restaurant forever); Regular ($38/month); Advanced ($89/month); and Premium ($119/month)

2. Bonee

Bonee offers a digital restaurant tool for restaurants, cafes, and bars. It’s easy to use, and customers won’t need to download any apps to access the menu; they can use their device’s camera to scan for the menu.

Aside from its ease of use, the platform’s QR menu is editable; you can update the item’s prices, description, and images. The changes will automatically appear on the client’s phone.

This platform can also help you cater to foreign customers because of automatic menu translation. Customers can pay online, as it offers a mobile payment option.

This can also help you facilitate precise orders with its feature where customers can write a note regarding the dish they will check out.

Other key features:

  • Hide unavailable items
  • Gather client feedback
  • Easy managing of the menu in the admin
  • Tools for activating orders

Pricing plan: COVID ($19 per month); Starter ($39 per month); Basic ($59 per month); and Premium ($129 per month) 

3. Menulingua

Menulingua is a restaurant tool that can improve dining experiences using its good features. It enables QR code ordering, which only requires diners to scan it with their mobile device. 

Menulingua domain

The system also supports menu translation—a convenient feature for catering to customers with native languages. With its modifier options, guests can freely choose add-ons, sides, and upgrades for their purchases.

Sadly, they don’t have mobile payment integration for contactless payments.

You can reduce paper waste by converting your printed menu into a QR code. You can update the item’s prices, photos, and content as often as possible while retaining the same code.

Menulingua also lets you display your PDF menu online.

Other key features:

  • Manage multiple restaurants
  • Give access to members to manage the menu
  • Bluetooth printing
  • Accept unlimited orders

Pricing plan: Pro (starts from $21 per month per outlet) and PDF-only ($5 per year per outlet)

4. Menury 

Menury is another digital menu provider that is easy to navigate. It’s easy to set up, even with limited technical knowledge. 

Menury domain

It’s accessible for everyone because it’s optimized for different devices and won’t require diners to download an app to view the menu. 

Once customers select an order, they can show the waitstaff the items they want to purchase.

The platform also has good features to help restaurants operate seamlessly—ideal for all restaurants with different forms.

You can make your QR code menu for restaurant ordering attractive by customizing it; you can choose from different available colors and add your logo. Plus, you can edit your menu content without reprinting the code.

The changes you make in the restaurant portal will reflect on the QR code and your website.

Other key features:

  • Online reservation tool
  • Website integration
  • Covid guest registration
  • Language add-on (€15 or $16.62 billed monthly)

Pricing plan: Basic Plan (free of charge); and Premium Plan (€45 or $49.87)

5. One2menu

One2menu is an online restaurant tool that accepts and fulfills online orders using the restaurant QR code.

One2menu domain

Customers can access the contactless menu from their smartphone, with no app required for viewing.

This digital tool is helpful for any food service establishment—whether it’s a restaurant, bar, cafe, or ghost kitchen. 

The digital menu is easy to manage, and you can edit and update your menu on any device; no printing needed. 

The platform also has website integration, where you can add your menu to your existing website.

It partners with delivery companies to provide convenience for customers opting for delivery.

Other key features:

  • QR website
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Stripe payment integration

Pricing plan: Starts at free with an additional 3.5% per transaction up to $99 monthly with an additional 0.35% per transaction.

6. iMenuPro

iMenuPro provides several beautiful and professional-looking templates for creating a view-only digital menu.

It’s easy to use; you only need to drag and drop items from your food list, and iMenuPro will format your menu with easy-to-read layouts. 

Its fonts and colors are customizable. You can choose from different designs and menu styles and add photos and dietary info.

You can also update prices and items whenever possible, and changes will instantly appear.

Since it is a view-only menu, it does not have mobile payment integration.

Other key features:

  • Multiple QR locations
  • Upload your logos and images
  • Quick login from any device
  • Unlimited scans

Pricing plan: Monthly ($15 per month); and Annual ($9.75 per month) charged as one payment for $117 per year

7. Upmenu 

Upmenu is a digital menu provider that is fully customizable to match your restaurant’s branding. You can edit and update your menu details, including images, descriptions, and prices for each item.

It has several marketing tools to boost your sales like upsell recommendations, loyalty programs, and discounts. 

Aside from tableside ordering, diners may also settle their payments online through PayPal and Stripe. The platform also has a feature for gathering customer feedback to help you improve services.

With Upmenu, you can also create your restaurant website with readily available themes.

Other key features:

  • Create restaurant website
  • Offers free website templates
  • Commission-free online ordering on the website

Pricing plan: Basic ($49 per 1 premise); Standard ($89 per 1 premise); and Premium ($169 per 1 premise)

8. Mydigimenu 

Mydigimenu domain

Mydigimenu enables self-ordering through scannable QR codes. Customers won’t need any particular app to scan the code. 

After scanning the QR code, customers are taken to the restaurant ordering page, where they can browse and place orders directly from their devices.

The platform’s QR menu is customizable; you can select colors and display images for each food item.

The digital menu is available in multiple languages, which is convenient for foreign guests. Diners can also leave comments and feedback about their experience. 

They offer a Covid-19 plan with a free QR menu, but it is not applicable in certain countries like UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, USA, and India.

Other key features:

  • Mobile payment integration with Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Showcase offering with images
  • Run marketing campaigns and promotions
  • QR and tablet menu takeaways

Pricing plan: Fight COVID-19 (free); Start-Up Menu ($39 per month); Silver Menu ($55 per month); Gold Menu ($65 per month); Platinum Menu ($99 per month); Diamond Menu ($119 per month); Emerald Menu ($179 per month); One Time Setup Fees ( $99); and Managed Service ($129 per month)

9. Butlaroo 

Butlaroo offers services to help restaurant and hospitality businesses streamline their operations. This includes a contactless ordering system using QR codes for menus.

Butlaroo’s digital menu is available in many languages, letting guests choose their preferred language to be used on the menu.

 It’s convenient for hotel guests because they can access and order from the online menu using their smartphone or tablet.

With one scan, diners can view, order, and pay from their smartphones. Customers may opt for takeaway or delivery with no commission.

Other key features:

  • Manage your ordering locations
  • Add tips
  • No app download required

Pricing plan:  Fixed monthly service ($33.13) with additional monthly fees for takeaway and delivery ($55.22) and for every ordering location ($1.10)

What are the advantages of using a QR code menu in restaurant services?

QR code-powered restaurant menus technology offers a range of compelling benefits—from enhancing service to satisfying customers.

It alleviates common restaurant problems such as labor shortages, inaccurate orders, faster turning of tables, and much more. Here they are: 

1. No more shared menu among customers 

In restaurants, paper-printed menus are shared and passed from one table to another; this raises an issue of safety and hygiene because of the high risk of contamination.

During the surge of Covid-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised restaurants to replace physical menus with digital ones to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Displaying the best QR code for a restaurant menu in a visible spot allows customers to access the menu and place orders without close contact with waitstaff.

More than that, customers won’t have to hold menus that have become sticky due to grease-covered fingers grabbing them.

2. A QR code menu content is easy to update

Updating the content of the paper-printed menu is a long and tedious task because you will need to reprint the whole thing. 

However, having a digital menu can save you valuable time and effort since you can modify your content online. Updating an item’s price, descriptions, or food pictures will only take a few minutes.

Since most digital menu software is optimized for different devices, you can update the menu’s content anytime.

3. QR code ordering reduces the chances of miscommunication

The traditional ordering system is prone to miscommunication because of noise, language barriers, or misunderstanding of the customers’ words.

Meanwhile, using a QR menu software like MENU TIGER reduces instances of order remakes or returns with its feature that allows customers to input the instructions for certain dishes.

The back-of-house staff can see the customers’ special instructions on the dashboard, making it easier to follow the diners’ requests. They can also quickly check it as they prepare the orders in case they forget it.

It’s easier and more convenient for both the customer and the staff. 

4. Increased order value

QR menus like MENU TIGER often include features that support upselling and cross-selling. This allows restaurants to promote other products by highlighting popular items, offering combo deals, and recommending pairings. 

Aside from the self-ordering ability of digital contactless menus, customers can customize their orders by choosing sides, add-ons, and upgrades, which likely increases the customer’s average order value.

5. Lower staff costs

Adopting a QR code based restaurant menu can significantly help you save on the overall labor costs at your restaurant. 

With this pay-at-the-table technology, you don’t need to hire more staff to take customers’ orders, thus, reducing the overall labor cost and boosting profitability.

6. Cost-efficient and sustainable

Traditional menus require printing on paper, which comes with associated costs for paper, ink, and other resources. But once you switch to table QR code menus, you can turn your back on these recurring costs because updates are done on the backend.

And since you don’t need to reprint anything every time you make changes—whether you update the item’s price and description or add and remove items—you can retain the same QR code. Thus, it contributes to the reduction of paper consumption and waste. 

7. Overall convenience

A digital menu is the ultimate solution for reducing wait times and turning tables faster at your restaurant.

With the food images, descriptions, allergen information, and preparation time projected on the online menu, it helps customers make decisions faster and make informed choices.

Aside from that, customers can customize their orders by adding special instructions to each food item. And once their orders are placed, they can opt for cashless payment through e-wallets.

MENU TIGER: the best QR code menu for restaurants today

The best QR code menu for restaurants is a worthy investment that benefits your establishment and customers. It can streamline your operations and deliver an excellent dining experience.

MENU TIGER is definitely a wise choice for your restaurant. This QR code-powered menu software can provide convenience and a robust ROI for your establishment.

With a wise and smart usage of its functional features, restaurants can see a positive difference in their performance.

Choose MENU TIGER as your QR code menu software. Subscribe to our freemium plan today.

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