MENU TIGER Update Printer Integration for Restaurant Menu QR code
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How to Setup Printer Integration in MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER now offers printer integration for restaurant menu QR codes.

The software now integrates with your thermal printers to help speed up the transaction. You can have several printers integrated and assign them to specific stores. 

This QR code menu printer integration can significantly reduce the time it takes for staff to transcribe orders, as it automatically prints receipts as soon as they are placed. This new update of the system is crucial to giving customers special orders.

Keep reading this article to learn how to integrate your restaurant menu printer into your MENU TIGER account. 

New product updates: printer integration for restaurant menu QR code

MENU TIGER enables you to integrate the ticket printer at your restaurant, helping you manage kitchen operations easily. 

MENU TIGER printing software
MENU TIGER printer integration interface

With this integration, restaurants can now easily print receipts as soon as their customers place their orders from their phone device or tablet menu

You can also use multiple printers to print orders and assign certain printers to each outlet, which will help you have an organized restaurant order system.

Existing MENU TIGER subscribers can get this feature as an add-on to their current plan for only 20 USD/month.

Users who sign up for the 14-day free trial under any of the QR code menu platform’s plans can enjoy this feature, but they must pay the fees to continue using their plan and the add-on.

Restaurant order printer: requirements for Mac and Windows

Every thermal printer has a driver, and you must download and install it on your device to use the printer seamlessly. Here’s how to do it:

For Mac

1. Go to System Preferences on your computer and select Printers.

2. Click Add Printer and select TCP/IP.

For Windows

1. Go to the Control Panel on your computer and select Devices and Printers.

2. Click Add Printer, then select TCP/IP.

3. Write down the printer’s IP address and rename the printer. 

Note: You can check the printer’s manual if you don’t know the IP address. If the printer is not on the list, search for the driver online, download it, and install it as per instructions.

4. Lastly, when the setup is done, go to the Control Panel/System Preferences and add the restaurant kitchen printer using the IP address. 

How to integrate thermal printer on MENU TIGER’s QR code menu software

After installing the driver and connecting your device to the printer, you can integrate it into your MENU TIGER software account.

For a successful integration, make sure that the Print Server Program is open and running on a computer connected to the same network as the printers.

You can then start by following these steps:

1. Open your MENU TIGER account. On the left panel, select Integrations, then click Printers.

Printer integration section
MENU TIGER's Printer integrations page

2. Select Info and click the Printer integration box.

Printer integration box
MENU TIGER's printing software for $20/month

3. After that, click the Connect button at the upper right.

Connect button for printer integration
The connect button for printer integration

4. It will create a printnode user and show the credentials. This page will appear, then you can download the software.

Log in credentials
Login credentials for MENU TIGER printing software

5. Go back to the Integration page, select Printer integration, and download the application for Mac or Windows.

Printer server application
Download the printer server app for Mac or Windows

6. Install the application on your computer and check the Printers tab. Search the list for the name of the printer you will use.

MENU TIGER printing menu application
Printers connected to the printing software

Note: If you cannot see your printer, install its driver as instructed above. 

7. Once you’ve set up the driver, open the Print Server Program and recheck the Printers tab.

Printers on printing menu software
Active printers on MENU TIGER's printing software

8. Click the box next to the thermal printer you want to use.

Active printers on printing software
Check the printer to use from the list

Note: The default printing backend should be Engine6 for Windows and Engine5 for Mac.

How to sync your restaurant printers

After selecting the printer on the Print Server Program, you can sync your printers and start printing orders. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Integrations page on the MENU TIGER control panel and check if the printer is visible there. 

MENU TIGER integrations section
Integrations page on MENU TIGER account.

2. Click the Sync button on the printer’s page. 

Sync printers
List of printers you may sync on the server app.

And there you go; you have successfully synced the printer from your computer to the MENU TIGER QR code menu software.

How to customize your receipts: printer configurations

You can configure each printer to print receipts with your desired margin and font size. Here’s how to do this:

1. Tap the three dots next to each printer and select the configure button.

Configure the printer
Configure the chosen printer

Note: The receipt fits 41mm paper. The measurement is in PDF point.

2. Set the margin size to your preference. 

Modify margins
Options for modifying the receipt's margin

3. Once done, hit the Add button.

Add button to save changes
'Add' button to save changes

4. Proceed to the Font Sizes page. Input the desired font size for the receipt’s header, body, and footer. 

Modify font sizes
Options for adjusting the receipt's font size.

How to assign the printer to a different store

After adding your restaurant menu printers, you can assign that printer to a specific store to print receipts. 

1. Click Settings, select a preferred store, and assign registered or synced printers to that store. 

2. After that, click the Add button.

MENU TIGER integrates with printer systems

The printer integration for a restaurant menu QR code is a highly effective method for smoother back-of-house operations.

Integrating your thermal printer with MENU TIGER’s QR code menu printing software lets you print point-of-sale receipts quickly and help meet your needs.

To integrate your printer, subscribe to MENU TIGER’s Regular, Advanced, or Premium plan. A 14-day free trial is available.


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