Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A QR code menu is an electronic type of menu you can make using MENU TIGER. The digital menu displays the food or dishes  via a branded website or right on your smartphone screen. A digital menu is an interactive restaurant menu where your customers can order and pay.

Absolutely yes! You can store and save your digital menu as a customized QR code and let your customers scan them via their smartphone or tablet devices. In addition, they can scan their restaurant menu on iPad and or any Android Tablet. With the popularity a menu QR code receives during the pandemic, saving your digital menu as a QR code is one great way to minimize the instances for customers to risk the viral transmission from one person to another.

In adding your menu to the MENU TIGER’s menu building dashboard, you must first add the store venue you want to have a digital menu with, and after that, you can proceed in adding your menu categories and its description and add your food list per store.

Yes. you can add modifiers to your menu categories and food items. In this way, you can have the flexibility to sell your dishes how the customers want it.

Yes. You can alter the menu app landing page by simply selecting the font, color, images and layout of the menu page to fit your restaurant aesthetics or theme.

Our subscriptions are paid on a monthly or a yearly basis.

We accept payments via Stripe, and credit cards like Visa and MasterCard

Our subscription plans are based on the number of stores you want to manage.

Yes, you can update your current subscription plan at any time.

MENU TIGER can be integrated with major Point-of-Sale (POS) systems used by restaurants, cafes, or bars.

The mobile payment integrations MENU TIGER currently supports right now are PayPal and Stripe. Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled by default on Stripe.