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The Best QR Code Contactless Digital Menu In 2024

What is the best QR code contactless digital menu software today, and what wonders can it do for your business? 

An interactive QR code menu will help you deliver outstanding services and fast transactions with its cashless payment solution and QR code ordering process.

You can also craft an interactive menu and provide patrons with personalized services, increasing their trust and loyalty to your brand. 

By using the features of the contactless restaurant menus software properly, you can keep your diners satisfied and increase your sales. 

We’ve listed some of the best QR code menu makers on the market to help you choose the one that suits you best. Read further to learn more.

What is a contactless QR code menu, and how does it work?

Contactless restaurant menus feature a QR code that customers scan using their smartphones, redirecting them to the restaurant’s ordering page where they can choose and order food and drinks.

QR code menu on a table tent
A customer with a table tent menu

In restaurants, you can see these QR codes on tabletop inserts or table tents, replacing the need for physical menu cards.

There are two types of contactless menu QR codes: the view-only menu and the interactive QR code menu.

You can create a view-only menu by embedding the PDF and JPEG versions of your menu into a file QR code menu.

Meanwhile, an interactive QR code menu enables QR code contactless ordering and mobile payment—fostering a complete contactless transaction.

7 best QR code menu for restaurants

Several QR code software are available on the market today, but choosing the software that lets you create the best menus to keep food cost down, offers advanced features, and allows you to provide streamlined service might take some time. 

So to help you, look at the list of the best digital menu for restaurants and their features and pricing for your reference. 


MENU TIGER homepage interface

MENU TIGER, a QR code menu maker, has a simplified interface that allows restaurants to manage their menu better, customize QR codes, and fulfill orders.

Its key features include multiple store management, a contactless digital menu ordering system, and the ability to create a no-code restaurant website.

This tool has integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and a POS, allowing guests to pay through a contactless and cashless method. Recently, new feature updates of MENU TIGER include Zapier and Canva integration for restaurant menu creation. 

MENU TIGER can also help create effective marketing strategies tailored to your customer’s preferences based on the customer data, including their name, contact numbers, email address, and order history. 

Moreover, restaurants can easily cater to foreign customers because it support multilingual menu translation. You can also generate feedback from your customers and use it to improve your services. 

Overall, this multi-featured tool will help your restaurant operate seamlessly and provide customers with improved services.


MENU TIGER has a starting price of $17 per month with no credit card required. You can save more if you pay for your subscription on an annual basis.

It offers Advanced—the most popular, Freemium, and Premium plans. No setup fee is required.

2. Minimal Menu

Minimal Menu
Minimal Menu homepage interface

Minimal Menu, a QR code menu builder, offers a convenient menu management system for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Using this software, you can easily create a digital menu in just a few minutes. Updating your digital menu is a piece of cake since it is designed with a simple interface.

Minimal Menu also allows you to build a contactless ordering system that you can display in your restaurant for customers to scan. Unfortunately, it does not offer QR code customization.


You can subscribe to Minimal Menu and pay $14.90 monthly (excluding VAT). They also offer a 14-day free trial.

3. ScanIt.Menu

ScanIt.Menu homepage preview

ScanIt.Menu lets restaurants create their own digital menu and generate or download QR codes. You can track the number of scans of your QR code menu daily.

They offer a free plan with features that include 5 menu categories and 5 menu items per category, as well as a limited number of scans of up to 5 per month. To have unlimited scans, you need to upgrade your plan.


The premium plan of ScanIt.Menu costs $39.99 per month with the inclusion of 50 menu categories, 50 items per category, and a free menu setup. They also offer a 14-day free trial.

4. MenuTech

MenuTech's homepage preview

MenuTech has various useful features: easy menu updates, mobile payment, and adding ingredient warnings to the menu. 

With this digital menu for restaurant solution, you can update your menu anytime, and the changes made will automatically reflect on the menu. MenuTech is easy to use with any device—desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Sadly, you cannot give the guests a visual representation of the food and drinks since you cannot add food images to your menu.


MenuTech subscription to its starting plan costs $60 per month and has services such as 32 new menus and 3 new menu templates per month.

To get unlimited menus and templates, you need to upgrade your plan. MenuTech also offers a free trial for 10 days.

5. Presto

Presto's homepage interface

Presto, a QR code menu maker, lets guests order food and drinks and pay bills directly via mobile phone.

They send table cards to restaurants featuring QR codes that customers will scan to access the restaurant’s contactless ordering webpage on their smartphone.

Its sleek design allows customers to place orders easily through the app menu, which is then sent to the restaurant’s POS system.


For only $780 per user, you can subscribe to Presto and gain access to its limited features. A free trial is also available.

6. homepage interface offers QR code menu software, but it can only create a view-only menu. When you upload your menu in PDF or image format, it will display as a list of items.

You can then download the QR code in any format and print it. When customers scan the QR code menu, they will be redirected to the online menu where they can browse and choose food and drinks. Customers must notify servers in order to place orders.

But the good thing about is that you can update your menu at any time without reprinting anything. 


The starting price of is $4.95 per month, paid annually. They also have a 14-day free trial. No strings attached.

7. BuonMenu

BuonMenu's homepage interface.

BuonMenu is a useful tool for creating attractive digital menus in restaurants and other dining establishments. Customers may access and explore the online menu using any device, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Also, they won’t have to install anything or register to access the QR code menu. Once their mobile device recognizes the QR code, diners can choose menu items on the view-only menu and call servers to place orders.


BuonMenu has restaurant service for $27 per month, paid yearly and excluding VAT.

Why use QR codes for your restaurant menu

In a poll of 100 US consumers, three-quarters of the adults revealed that they would be willing to use more QR codes in the future. This number increased to 82 percent among adults 18-44. 

This number only makes sense as more industries now use QR codes to deliver better services and faster transactions. Diners love how they can instantly get served with one scan.

The QR code menu brings plenty of benefits compared to a paper-held menu. It is cost-efficient, easy to use, and convenient for restaurants of all sizes.

How exactly can QR code menu software such as MENU TIGER help restaurants? Here are four examples:

1. Lessens order errors

Menu QR code on table tent
A waitstaff cleaning the restaurant table

Every food item within MENU TIGER’s interactive menu QR code comes with images. This gives guests a clear picture of the dishes, which can help them decide faster. 

You can provide more details by filling in the food description of the food items. More importantly, the contactless digital menu features allergen warnings to keep diners with allergies safe.

Also, the QR code menu lessens miscommunication, such as kitchen workers mishearing the server because of the noise.

Its built-in notification sound will prompt the BOH staff with incoming orders. When customers place an order on their smartphones, the data will directly reflect on the kitchen dashboard. 

Thus, it creates a smooth ordering process between diners and restaurants.

2. Personalized services increasing customer loyalty

Restaurant QR code menu
Customers dining with a table tent menu.

The digital menu QR code can be your asset in enhancing the customer experience. Imagine how much effort that waitstaff will save from repetitive tasks like going back and forth to every table to bring guests the menu.

Instead, they can focus on tasks where their presence is most needed—serving dishes, attending to guests’ queries, and extending hospitable gestures to customers. 

When guests feel they are being given enough attention, they are more likely to repeat business with you.

In Hubspot’s survey on customer service expectations, 68 percent of consumers said they are willing to buy and pay more for a product from a brand that provides good customer service.

3. Using QR codes as a menu won’t break the bank

Digital menu QR code on restaurants
QR code menu idea for pubs

You can save money on printing costs when creating a QR code menu that is easy to edit. This eliminates the long and costly process of editing your menu.

You can update and make changes to it in just a few minutes, plus you can edit it at any time using devices like tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

Moreover, QR code menu software like MENU TIGER won’t ask you for commissions, and there’s no additional cost when you add a team member to the account. 

This shows that a QR code menu is a cost-saving tool for all restaurant businesses.

4. Gather better customer data

A QR menu allows you to have better access to customers’ data.

Customer data on QR code menu software
Customer data analytics for restaurant management.

You can view the customer’s name, contact information, past orders, and other relevant information in your account. This can help you come up with marketing strategies tailored to their preferences. 

In addition, you can collect customer feedback, making it easier to determine the areas where you lack improvement. Hence, this gives you more insights into how you can further improve your services.

You can then create solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, making first-time customers loyal patrons.

Choose MENU TIGER, the best QR code menu for restaurants today

You should give some thought to which QR code contactless digital menu maker will work best for your business.

Aside from looking into its reasonable price, the very important thing you must consider is the worthwhile features. Assess the product’s usability and see if it’s worth the investment.

It must offer useful features to help you operate efficiently, improve services, provide better customer service, and assist your business growth.

Get your QR code menu now and choose any of the plans, all with a 14-day free trial.

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