Dos and Donts for Crafting Buzz Worthy Restaurant Names
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Do’s and Don’ts for Crafting Buzz-Worthy Restaurant Names

Creating restaurant names for your business that can stand the test of time can be tricky. 

There are a lot of things that you need to consider, such as checking if the name is already taken, culturally insensitive, or too complicated.

Crafting an awesome restaurant name is as important as building a great menu or using interactive menu software.  Every advantage counts in this competitive industry. 

To assist you in this, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to consider when naming your business.  

3 key elements to creating successful restaurant names

Before delving into what to avoid and what to consider, you must first understand the vital elements of successful name branding to guide you during your planning phase. 

Creativity and uniqueness 

Your restaurant’s name should be a beacon of creativity that can stand out in a competitive market. 

Consider creating something that is memorable and captures the essence of your establishment alongside your restaurant themes

You can go for names like “The Spotted Pig” or “Café Gratitude.” These evoke curiosity and leave lasting impressions. 

Relevance to cuisine or theme 

You should provide a hint as to what customers can expect when they dine in. 

If your menu items or theme is distinctive, let it shine in the name. For instance, “The Green Fork” suggests a focus on fresh and healthy dining.

This instantly connects your business’s name and your customers’ culinary experience. 

In successful restaurant branding, it is important to make sure that everything is cohesive for marketing purposes. 

Ease of pronunciation and spelling of your restaurant names 

Make sure that your restaurant name is easy to pronounce and spell.

Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Complicated names might hinder customers from recommending your establishment. 

Make it simple, catchy, and easy to remember. 

Do’s in crafting the perfect name for a restaurant 

Brainstorming restaurant names
The owner conducts research on business names

Research existing businesses

Thoroughly research local business directories, online platforms, and trademark databases to ensure the name you choose is unique within your area of operation.

The information that you gather will serve as your benchmark in crafting your identity in the market, making it easier for you to know what will work or not. 

This step is crucial to preventing legal conflicts and establishing a brand identity. 

Gauge public opinion through surveys via a digital menu QR code

Conduct surveys, organize focus groups, or engage in informal discussions with potential customers. 

Gather feedback on the name’s appeal and relevance to help you decide whether it resonates with your target audience or not. 

Collecting real-time data using a digital menu QR code that your respondents can access through their smartphones would be more efficient. 

Incorporate this QR code into your social media postings and campaigns to reach a broader customer base. 

Make sure your restaurant names have positive connotations 

Conduct thorough research into the cultural and linguistic connotations of your chosen name. 

Make sure it does not carry unintended negative meanings in other languages or cultural contexts to avoid potential misunderstandings and maintain a positive brand image. 

Remember that cultural sensitivity is essential for brand reputation. This shows your business recognizes diversity and respects differences among your customer base. 

Reflect your brand identity 

Convey the essence of your restaurant. 

Start by choosing a name that aligns with your business’s core identity, whether it’s the type of food you offer, the ambiance, or a unique selling proposition

This step is vital to add coherence between your name and the food you serve, avoiding confusing and misleading marketing campaigns. 

Consider your online presence

Check the availability of the domain for your restaurant name. 

Consistency across physical and online platforms helps customers find and remember your brand.

Consider having social media for restaurants that you can utilize for more interactive and engaging campaigns.

You can also build a website using smart menu software like MENU TIGER, making it easier for your customers to access your menu and all the information about your business. 

This contributes to a seamless brand experience and enhances your digital visibility. 

Don’ts in crafting  perfect restaurant names 

Complicated names
A restaurant with a complex brand identity

Come up with generic names

Standing out in this competitive industry is a must. 

Choose a name that is distinctive and memorable. Avoid generic terms that may make it challenging for your restaurant to be differentiated from others in the same market. 

This secures your spot on the pedestal. 

Choose overly complicated names 

Opt for a brand name that is easy to pronounce and spell. 

Having a complex one can be challenging for your customers to remember and share with others. 

This can hinder your restaurant’s potential for growth, declining your marketing efforts. 

Consult with legal professionals to ensure you create good restaurant names that aren’t taken or trademarked by other businesses.

Taking the necessary steps to secure legal protections early on prevents conflicts down the line. 

This will help you protect your business from any fraudulent actions and claims. 

While staying informed about the current trends is essential for your business growth, avoid choosing a name exclusively based on what’s popular at the moment. 

Aim for a timeless one that can withstand the changing preferences. 

Take note that trends in the market are constantly changing depending on customers’ demands. This step will ensure the longevity of your brand

Don’t be too much specific

There’s nothing wrong with having your business’s name reflect your current offerings. 

But make sure to avoid being too specific in case you plan to expand your menu or services. 

A broader, more inclusive name allows for flexibility as your restaurant evolves. 

7 technology-infused ways to set up restaurant logos and names

QR code for restaurant
A restaurant using a QR code

You already know by now what to do when crafting a name for your business. However, it’s still not enough to secure you a spot in this industry. 

Making use of technology is a great way to make up the differences. We’ve collated some for you to explore:

Augmented Reality (AR) logos

Design an AR-enabled logo that your customers can scan using a mobile app. 

This interactive experience can bring the logo to life, offering animations, 3D elements, or even immersive storytelling related to your restaurant. 

Using this visual innovation, you can entice your customers and encourage them to explore your business. 

Animated logos for digital platforms

Create a logo that incorporates subtle animations for digital platforms. 

This can be used on your website, social media, and virtual menu, providing a dynamic and engaging visual experience for your online audiences. 

Make sure that you still follow the color scheming of your brand to make it cohesive. 

QR code integration

Embed a QR code within your logo. 

When the customers scan the code, it can lead them to exclusive online content, promotions, or virtual tours of your restaurant. 

One of the benefits of QR code menu is to enhance your customer engagement and experience. Just don’t forget to put instructions on how to scan it, making sure that you accommodate customers of different demographics.  

Voice-activated naming using AI

Explore voice-activated technologies for naming your restaurant.

For example, you can use voice assistants to generate name suggestions or use voice recognition tools or software to assist customers with disabilities to participate in giving their feedback. 

This also advocates inclusivity in your restaurant, where customers with motor and visual impairments can also participate in choosing your name. 

Blockchain authenticity 

Leverage blockchain technology to secure the authenticity of your restaurant name. 

This ensures your chosen name is unique, verifiable, and resistant to unauthorized usage or infringement.

It will provide the security of your brand’s digital identity. 

Social media polls and analytics

Maximize social media to conduct polls and gather analytics on potential restaurant names.

Use data analytics to analyze the response patterns to help you make informed decisions based on real-time customer feedback. 

MENU TIGER:  Using interactive menu software to set up your restaurant’s logo and name

MENU TIGER Interactive menu
Interactive menu for expediting operations

The use of restaurant technology in streamlining services and operations has been widespread since the growing demand for innovations. 

One prominently effective tool is interactive menu software like MENU TIGER, which not only focuses on helping you manage your business, but also helps set up your restaurant’s logo and name more innovatively. 

Here’s a list of what it can offer: 

Customizable menu website builder

Create, edit, and design your website according to your desired branding style. 

You can choose various fonts, add colors, and upload images of your dishes, making your website personalized. 

This will entice potential customers and grow your online presence. 

Personalized menu QR codes for brand identity

Generate unique QR codes where you can change their patterns, frames, and colors, and even add your logo to create a strong brand identity for your business. 

Canva integration

With MENU TIGER’s integration with Canva, you won’t need to worry about your restaurant’s promotional material, social media ad, and other creative visual art menu design

This easy-to-use and free online design software allows you to produce various visual media for your platforms without additional training or design experience. 

Plan out the name of your restaurant using MENU TIGER

Mapping out a restaurant name that best builds your brand identity needs more than just the name itself. It also requires advanced tools that will put you ahead of the game. 

This is where MENU TIGER  comes in. 

With the help of this feature-rich smart menu software,  you can create a name for your restaurant from brainstorming to creatively putting it out for promotion without the need for other applications.

To learn more about this, go to the website and create an account. An exciting journey to success awaits!


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