How To Make the Perfect Restaurant Manager Job Description
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How To Make The Perfect Restaurant Manager Job Description

Having a refined restaurant manager job description guarantees you’ll find the right candidate. 

A comprehensive job description that showcases your restaurant’s working environment and indicates the position’s duties, skills, and qualifications can help you successfully find the right person for the position. 

Of course, we can’t ignore creative ways to promote this. You can use interactive infographics with a QR code menu or social media platforms. 

There are many things to consider when creating a job description, so we’ve developed this comprehensive guide to help you. 

What is a restaurant manager?

When we talk about restaurant managers, these are professionals responsible for overseeing your restaurant’s day-to-day operations, ensuring it functions smoothly. 

They play a crucial role in maintaining high-quality standards in the food and service industry as well as creating a positive dining experience for customers. 

In a restaurant failure rate statistics article earlier this year, it was indicated that around 60% are most likely to fail in their first year of operations and about 80% in the next five years. One of many indications of a failing business is in management.

So, hiring the right person for the job is essential to your restaurant’s success. 

3 qualities you should add to your restaurant manager job description

Before anything else, you must have a summary of what you’re looking for in a candidate to save time in the screening process. 

It’s almost identical with a busser job description or bartender job description, but consists more of managerial skills.

As an owner, you probably know what qualities you want in a person who is joining your team. But if you need help simplifying those, here’s a list of key attributes you need to consider:

Passion for hospitality

Look for candidates who are genuinely passionate about the hospitality industry. 

They should demonstrate a sincere enthusiasm for serving others and creating a harmonious working environment for their employees and customers. 

Adaptability and resilience 

Expect changes in the hospitality industry—These could include changes to customer behaviors or technological upgrades like using a QR code menu in your operations. 

Adaptability is crucial. Look for people who demonstrate flexibility when handling changing circumstances, unexpected challenges, and evolving customer demands. 

Make sure to assess their ability to handle stress and make informed decisions under pressure. Successful restaurant managers should be adept at identifying and solving problems quickly, ensuring the smooth operation of the establishment. 

Commitment to learning

Seek those who display curiosity about industry trends, new technologies, and changing customer preferences. 

They should be open-minded and always look for ways to improve and innovate. 

They should also demonstrate a willingness to adopt and adapt to new technologies, such as reservation systems, smart menu software, or communication tools.

How to make a template for a restaurant manager job description

An example of Job posting
Sample restaurant manager job posting

Now that you have an idea of what you really want in a candidate, let’s start making the job description template.

Make a comprehensive intro 

Begin your job description by introducing job seekers to your restaurant and the unique working environment you have. 

This communicates what your business can bring and the opportunities you can give your new employees. 

By being transparent, you’ll be able to build a good rapport with aspiring candidates, which builds trust.

List down the restaurant manager’s duties and responsibilities  

The next thing you’ll do is to list down the duties required for this job. This is to make sure that potential candidates will know what you expect from them. 

Be clear and straightforward in writing this to avoid misunderstandings. 

Indicate work hours and benefits 

This is a great way to entice potential candidates by the expected working hours they need to accomplish per week, as well as other events like training and travel, or employee benefits they can avail, such as tuition, relocation packages, etc. 

Enumerate the managerial skills and qualifications needed

Make sure that you don’t miss these, as they are important things you need to consider when looking for the right people for the job. 

Here are a few that you can add to your list:

  • Time management 
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Leadership 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Adaptability 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Industry knowledge
  • Experience 
  • Computer skills 

Add a section for education, experience, and license requirements 

Lay out the requirements needed for this job. 

For instance, you can require 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry or must be a graduate of a business program with a Master’s degree. 

This way, you’ll be able to find the candidates best suited for the position.

Highlight your call to action 

This is where you can convert an interested reader into a potential applicant. 

Remember that the best job postings are supported by a well-thought-out call to action that convinces prospective managers to apply. 

An example of this would be:

Take the lead in culinary excellence! Apply now for our restaurant manager role—Where passion meets management mastery!”

If you plan on using interactive infographics, place this at the top to catch the readers’ attention and add a QR code for them to scan to submit their applications. 

For online platforms, you can put “click the apply button” at the top of job listing websites.

A Restaurant Manager duties checklist to remember 

In your template, you need to include the duties of a restaurant manager so potential applicants can be informed about what they’ll be doing if they land the job. These set of duties and responsibilities will help them answer restaurant interview questions during the hiring process.

To help you out, we’ve created this checklist: 

Leadership and team management

This position includes recruiting, training, and supervising staff members, including chefs, servers, and support staff. 

Also, it is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive work environment, which includes handling employee scheduling and performance evaluations, promptly addressing personal issues, and fostering teamwork and motivation. 

Customer service

Ensure exceptional customer service by setting and maintaining high service standards. 

This position needs candidates who exhibit a strong customer-centric focus and the ability to handle customer feedback and resolve issues with utmost professionalism. 

Operations and logistics

This position oversees day-to-day operations, making sure everyone complies with health and safety regulations. 

They also manage inventory, order supplies, collaborate with vendors to maintain optimal stock levels and even make a restaurant training manual for staff. 

As a restaurant owner, you need a person for the job who has a keen eye for detail, problem-solving skills, and adaptability to change to avoid any delays in the delivery of ingredients or any legal complications. 

Financial management

Potential managers create and manage budgets, monitor financial performance, and identify areas for cost savings. 

This job also includes restaurant menu pricing strategies in collaboration with you or the management team, as well as strategies to increase revenue and profitability, such as promotions and upselling. 

Marketing and promotions

The candidates for this position are expected to develop and execute marketing strategies to attract and retain new customers. 

They should know how to maximize different marketing channels that can effectively promote your restaurant. 

5 ideas to promote your Restaurant Manager job vacancy

Leveraging social media for job postings

Suppose you already have your template ready. The next thing you need to do is plan how to promote this to reach the right applicants. 

Remember, you don’t have to be limited to posting on job boards. You also need to think of unique ways to attract their attention. 

Here are some creative ideas you may want to try:

Develop a job vacancy campaign on social media

Make a catchy job vacancy campaign on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. 

You can share short, engaging stories about your restaurant’s culture, the journey of your team members, and the impact a restaurant manager can make. 

You can also use infographics and banners indicating all the information needed for those who are interested in applying. 

Host a virtual open house

Organize a virtual open house event where potential candidates can join a livestream or webinar to learn more about your business.

Highlight your kitchen, work experience interview of your employees, and unique aspects of your restaurant, and allow interactive Q&A sessions. 

Make interactive infographics with a digital menu QR code 

Design interactive infographics that outline the key responsibilities, benefits, and growth opportunities associated with the restaurant manager position. 

Put a digital menu QR code on your materials for them to access additional information about your restaurant. 

Share these on your social media platforms or website to boost your online presence and online traffic.

Implement referral contests

Launch a referral contest where your employees and the public can refer potential candidates. 

Offer enticing rewards such as cash bonuses, exclusive dining experiences, or even a day as an honorary chef. 

Organize an online quiz

Organize an online quiz to assess if their managerial skills and personality are a good fit for your restaurant.  

You can promote the quiz on social media and your website. Use the results to engage with candidates and provide personalized feedback to them. 

How can a QR code menu system make your Restaurant Manager’s job easier?

Interactive menu software
Streamlining operations with MENU TIGER

It’s difficult being in the shoes of a restaurant manager—The job requires various skills to perform the expected duties. 

However, there’s a way to streamline these duties that could benefit your restaurant’s development and growth. 

This is possible with MENU TIGER, a user-friendly digital menu software that commits to providing assistance in upgrading your restaurant’s services and operations. 

Here’s how this advanced technology can do it:

Real-time updates

There’s no need to reprint your materials just to update your menu. Your restaurant manager can do this easily using this smart menu software. 

This is particularly beneficial when there are changes in ingredients, pricing, or special promotions. It’s a way to ensure that the customers always have access to the latest information. 

Also, with a restaurant inventory system or software, the manager can determine what dishes are popular and bring revenue and what needs to be upsold.

Enhanced customer service 

With MENU TIGER’s restaurant waiter call button system feature, your customers can now send their requests with their fingertips. 

This upgrade prevents unattended guests, especially during peak hours. 

Efficient order management with Loyverse integration

This smart menu software boasts a Loyverse integration feature.

Loyverse is a cloud-based POS system that provides real-time tracking of orders, helping your manager monitor the flow of orders, manage kitchen workload, and ensure timely service. 

Promotion and upselling

Your manager can easily set up and modify promotions or upselling strategies within the interactive menu. 

This includes highlighting special dishes, suggesting add-ons, or promoting limited-time offers. 

It can help drive sales and capitalize on customer preferences. 

If you’re using a QR code for your customers to access these, make sure to put instructions on how to scan a menu to avoid delays.

Data analytics and insights

MENU TIGER can collect data on customer preferences and ordering habits. This helps managers collate information to analyze trends, optimize the menu based on popular choices, and tailor marketing strategies to target specific customer segments. 

This insight is valuable for decision-making, helping them to identify top-selling items, underperforming dishes, and opportunities for menu customization. 

Highlight your restaurant qualities using this QR code menu software

A well-crafted restaurant manager job description can set you apart from competitors looking for skilled and talented job seekers. 

Aside from indicating the duties of managing a restaurant and the qualifications required, it is also vital to showcase your advanced working environment that can make the job manageable. 

With MENU TIGER, a high-caliber interactive restaurant menu QR code software, you can exhibit your restaurant’s qualities, encouraging potential individuals to apply. 

If this is the first time you have heard about this, go to the website, create an account, and explore this technology. 

Let’s find the right fit for your business. 


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