How To Write an Effective Bartender Job Description
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How to Write an Effective Bartender Job Description

You need a rockstar tending your bar, so ditch the lengthy and boring job postings. 

To find the perfect person for the job, a coherent and concise bartender job description is what you need.

Start by describing your bar’s overall atmosphere, duties and responsibilities of the job, and, of course, the perks that come with it—clear and straightforward. 

But it does not just end there. 

Having this job description promoted effectively through online job boards, social media postings, highlighting it in your QR code menu landing page, and even collaborating with local bartending schools strengthens your connection and widens your reach. 

This comprehensive guide will give you just what you need. So, buckle up because we’re about to find your next bartending champion. 

5 essential steps you need to do when writing a bartender job description

Writing job description checklist
Steps on how to write job descriptions

Describe your bar’s vibe in your job description 

Before diving straight into the bartender duties checklist, state your bar’s vibe first. 

Briefly describe the atmosphere of your business—are you a trendy cocktail haven, a laid-back sports bar, or a neighborhood hangout focusing on craft beers? 

This is essential to highlight the unique motif of your bar that will help attract candidates who resonate with it. 

Outline the bartender’s duties and responsibilities 

Bar and restaurant employment statistics have reported that one of the indicators of why this industry has high turnover rates is that employees do not know what they will or should be doing at work.

So, see to it that you have clearly indicated the key duties and responsibilities in your job description to avoid this.

This is to give potential applicants a heads-up on what they will do once they start working in your bar. 

It will also help them evaluate themselves and determine if they are the right fit for the job, making the hiring process easier. 

But don’t just state the generic ‘prepare and serve drinks.’ 

Be clear on what they’ll do: Will they be crafting classic cocktails or whipping up creative concoctions? Are they responsible for taking food orders? Do you need to be comfortable upselling or explaining your drink selections?

Being direct about your expectations positively helps you reach individuals who are most interested in the job. 

Add the required skills and experiences you seek

It’s smart to spare a section on your job poster for the skills and experiences your bar needs. 

Do you require one or two years of experience, or are they willing to be trained as newcomers? 

Also, highlight the essential skills a candidate should possess. This could include customer service, knowledge of alcohol laws, efficiency under pressure, and maybe even a knack for creating Instagram-worthy cocktails. 

Be specific and straightforward about what you really want from a potential candidate. 

In doing so, you give applicants clarity of what exactly is expected from them, reducing confusion and ensuring those who have the necessary skills and experiences to apply. 

Note: With the skills and experiences you’ve outlined, you can incorporate these in your bartender interview questions during the interview process.

Highlight the benefits you offer in your bartender job description

Let potential candidates know the perks that come with the job. 

Job seekers are often drawn to positions that offer competitive benefits beyond just the basic salary.

Your benefits package may include health insurance, paid time off, flexible scheduling, a wellness program, or development training. 

By clearly outlining these in your job description for bartenders, you can draw more qualified candidates to apply as a bartender. 

Not only that, but having a well-crafted benefit package can enhance your business’s brand image as an employer of choice, demonstrating that you care about the well-being and overall satisfaction of your employees. 

Embrace your brand voice when drafting a bartender job description

While sounding professional in your postings is convincing, don’t be afraid to add your brand’s personality. 

Using your brand voice reflects the values and identity of your bar, reinforcing your establishment’s image and making it recognizable to potential candidates. 

Is your bar known for its playful atmosphere? Let your job description for bartenders reflect that by using a friendly and engaging tone. 

This then serves as your filter that attracts candidates who align with your bar’s culture and vibe. 

Overall, having a distinctive tone and style can help your job postings stand out from the crowd, which guarantees that they will pique the interest of job seekers. 

7 strategic ways to promote your bartender job description 

Discussing on the job description
The owner explained the tasks to the bartender

Use online job platforms

Tap into popular online job boards like  Indeed, Glassdoor, and Craiglist to have a vast reach, allowing you to connect with a large pool of potential candidates. 

Draft a clear and compelling job title and description that accurately reflects the role and bar’s culture. 

Make sure that you use relevant keywords, highlight the bartender’s duties, responsibilities, and qualifications, and include details about the benefits you’re offering. 

Use a well-formated and easy-to-read posting to make it easier for the readers to digest the information.

You can also take advantage of the targeting options provided by these online job boards to reach the most relevant candidates. Specify the criteria such as location, industry, experience level, and skills to ensure the posting is seen by individuals who match your ideal candidate profile. 

Job fair events

Job fairs offer a prime opportunity for you to interact with potential candidates in a face-to-face setting, providing them with a firsthand glimpse into your bar’s atmosphere and team dynamic. 

What you can do is set up a booth with eye-catching banners, signage, and perhaps even a minibar to draw attendees in and pique their curiosity about your establishment. 

But remember, engagement is key in job fairs. 

Rather than staying behind the booth, actively engage with attendees by striking up conversations and showing genuine interest in their backgrounds and aspirations. 

Be sure to collect contact information from interested individuals through a sign-up sheet or digital form. 

This allows you to follow up with them after the event, informing them about your bar’s job openings and future opportunities. 

Social media promotions 

Craiglist online job posting
A job post online

Create visually appealing posts about your job vacancy alongside a menu QR code. 

This way, potential applicants can access what you are offering and what kind of bar you are operating by scanning the QR code menu using their mobile phones. 

In your posts, keep in mind that you should use high-quality images or illustrations to capture the attention of the readers. 

Use hashtags related to the hospitality industry and job searching in your captions to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. 

Note: Engage with users through the comment sections of your social networks by providing additional information about the job opening and addressing any concerns. 

Leverage the digital menu landing page of the QR code menu

If you are using an online menu that can be accessed through a QR code, you’ll be able to highlight the job opportunity you’re offering on your webpage. 

Its customization feature lets you design a section intended for the vacant position, which makes it accessible for your potential applicants by just scanning the digital menu QR code through their phones. 

One good thing about this also is that it’s cost-efficient. You don’t have to spend a hefty amount to advertise this vacant job. 

You just have to put this on your in-store signages or even in your bar counters. Who knows, once a loyal patron becomes a bartending champion of your business. 

Employee referral program 

Launching a referral program in your bar makes it easier and more rewarding for your team to bring valuable talent on board. 

To maximize its effectiveness, establish clear guidelines that outline objectives, eligibility criteria, reward structures, and the referral submission process. 

In the program, you can offer various incentives such as monetary rewards, bonuses, extra paid time off, or other desirable paid time off, or other desirable perks that resonate with your workforce. 

Keep your referral process simple by providing a user-friendly online portal or form where employees can easily submit referrals. 

The form should contain the bartender’s job requirements, too so those interested can know right away if they have eligible candidates, saving time during the hiring process. 

Collaborate with bartending schools

Teaming up with bartending schools in your area is a smart move to connect with students who have the skills straight from the classroom. 

In turn, you can offer the vacant positions in your bar, either part-time or full-time. 

To effectively collaborate with them, reach out to the local schools or anyone who handles career services. 

You can offer internship programs in partnership with these schools, providing students with hands-on experience in a real bar environment. 

Another way is to offer workshops, seminars, or guest lectures, which allow you to share insights, tips, and best practices in the bar industry that showcase your expertise with the students. 

Email marketing

Promoting your job vacancy through email marketing is a massive opportunity for you to spread this job opening and reel in some top-notch candidates. 

To begin, you have to compile a targeted email list of individuals who may be interested in the position. It would be easier for you to make one if you have a tool or software in hand. 

Your email content must have key details about the job to provide valuable information to your recipients. Use a conversational tone and incorporate engaging visuals to make your emails more appealing to the audience. 

Local advertising 

Local advertising is an excellent addition to promoting your job opening effectively using some good old-fashioned print media like local newspapers, magazines, or community newsletters. 

These outlets reach people actively hunting for jobs (in a traditional way) and can help get your job posting noticed by the right crowd.

Think about posters, banners, or signages strategically placed in busy spots around the town. With some captivating illustrations and snappy messaging, you can catch the eye of passersby and get them curious about joining your team. 

MENU TIGER: Your QR code menu software recruitment assistant 

MENU TIGER digital menu software
A smart menu solution for bars

There’s no doubt how hectic your schedule is, juggling management and trying to hire staff at the same time.  

That’s why it is essential for you to have an advanced tool like MENU TIGER QR code menu software to get some of the load off your back,  particularly in your promotion period. 

Aside from streamlining your overall bar services and operations, this innovative menu software can double as your recruitment wing that helps you find the best candidates for your job opening.

Here’s what it offers:

Boost customer satisfaction with QR menus

A modern, user-friendly food menu QR code can significantly improve the bar’s customer experience. 

Your guests can simply scan the code with their phones to browse your offerings and order directly, eliminating wait times and potential order requests. 

This translates to satisfied customers, which can lead to positive online reviews and a more substantial reputation for your business. 

This positive brand reputation makes attracting potential candidates looking for a reputable workplace possible.

Don’t forget to add simple instructions on how to scan a menu QR code to cater to those customers who aren’t familiar with this technology.  

Efficient sending of job openings

Using this innovative software, you can create a target email list from your customers, which makes it easier for you to tailor your bar and restaurant newsletter according to the list you have. 

You can also personalize them, containing the job vacancy details the recipients might need.

Design a user-friendly and basic website for your bar 

There’s no need for complicated coding to make a website for your bar.

With this advanced technology, you can input valuable information about your business—from its history to your offerings with just a few clicks. 

But what makes this innovative software ahead of the game is its highly customizable interface, where you can add a section solely for promoting job postings. 

So, when your customers (that can be your potential candidates) order a glass of cocktail or any bar menu you have, they’ll get notified about this position. 

All they need to do is just scan the digital menu QR code using their devices. 

Let’s find the best fit for your bar with QR code menu software 

Having the right people for the job sets the stage for success—a streamlined operation, efficient bartending service, and seamless drink experience for your customers. 

And the first thing you need to do is make a clear bartender job description to encourage talented candidates to apply. 

 One way to help you attract these potential applicants is to promote your job vacancy effectively. But with your bus schedule, you deserve a wingman for that—here’s MENU TIGER  QR code menu software. 

This innovative solution can do the work for you, from effective email marketing to local advertising. 

There’s more to this smart menu technology. So, visit the website, create your personal account, and let’s find the best mix for your team. 


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