QR Codes for Retail: Scan, Shop, and Make the Sale

Explore 12 innovative uses of QR codes in the retail industry, including accessing product details, facilitating cashless payments, promoting online shopping, offering discounts, improving loyalty programs, gathering feedback, managing inventory, and more.

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    8 Ways to use QR Codes for your retail brands
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    Benefits of using QR Codes for retail
    How to Use QR Codes in Retail Stores
    #1 QR Codes Increase Traffic to the Website
    QR Codes can be used to link to a website’s landing page when scanned. Retail marketers can use this technique to drive traffic to the business’ store page to make the purchase easier for customers. Businesses can easily achieve this by adding a ‘scan to learn more’ call to action with the QR Code.
    #2 Scan QR Codes to Make a Phone Call or Send an Email
    QR codes can help customers make quick phone calls to customer support services of the retailer. They can also be used to send preset text messages and emails that are drafted and ready to send with the recipient and the subject line already added. All the user has to do is scan the QR Code and hit the send button.
    #3 Scan a QR Code to Reveal Discount Offers and Coupons
    QR Codes linked to sign-up forms are useful for retailers to gather customer emails and contact details. This type of lead generation can help a business keep its customers updated continuously. Customers, in particular, can be updated about the availability of products and new launches. Alternatively, retailers can link QR Codes to feedback forms that help track and understand customer behavior and patterns.