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How to Make A Valentine’s Menu to Spark Romance

The season of love is coming again, and with it comes the opportunity for restaurants to offer a heartwarming Valentine’s menu that will make the holiday even more special.

Couples, families, and friends usually spend this lovely occasion at a restaurant. Hence, restaurants must see that they offer only the best and highest-quality meal options. 

To aid customers with their purchase decisions, start reinventing your QR code menu by adding an exclusive set of meal choices, highlighting specials, and putting labels on new items.

This strategy will make it easier for guests to browse and select the perfect dish they want to share with their loved ones. 

For more ideas about items to include on your menu, read further in this article.

Romantic Valentine’s Day menu items you can offer 

Certain dishes can spark romance, especially when they are shared. To fill your guests’ evenings with love, we’ve listed some food ideas you might consider offering for a romantic restaurant themes this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's menu QR code
Couple having a romantic dinner on Valentines' day

Read on to discover our top Valentine’s dinner ideas.

Romantic dinner for two

  • Easy-boiled lobster

Many believe lobster is ideal for romantic restaurants, especially on a special occasion. Diners simply love the various flavors of this exotic delicacy. 

This exceptional classic is a delicious way to delight your dinner guests. Don’t worry; this seafood recipe is easy to prepare; it only takes 30 minutes to prepare. For the dish pairing, a glass of bubbly dry wine works best.

  • Creamy mushroom pasta 

You can never go wrong with pasta, as it’s perfect for any occasion. It can be a great Valentine’s Day menu option for a romantic dinner.

Offer a creamy mushroom pasta dish to add to your veggie menu specials; guests will be impressed.

This pasta recipe includes a savory sauce made from cream, parmesan, lemon zest, white wine, and parsley—bringing the fullness of flavor.

Garnish the dish with red pepper flakes and add extra Parmesan cheese based on your diners’ preference. And for the sides, a fresh garden bowl of salad with French dressing goes well with this dish.

  • Avocado egg bake 

It’s indeed a happy heart day when you serve a dish that is good for the heart, like an avocado egg bake

This meatless dish is tasty, creamy, flavorful, looks impressive, and fills enough. It’s a fantastic meal option, considering it’s easy to cook. You can serve it in less than 30 minutes!

Sweet treats

  • Heart-shaped red velvet cakes

Red velvet cake is a classic, all-year-round sweet treat. Cutting it in hearts is a delicious way to express one’s love for their beau or someone dear to them. 

It’s crimson, fluffy, sweet, and tangy. A good slice of red velvet cake brings more love and happiness, and it’s a great way to celebrate any kind of love. Providing other cake color options would also be great.

  • Chocolate coated strawberry

Decadent desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries are a typical sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. 

Chocolate and strawberries are a sweet and tangy combination that’s sure to taste good. This is a great addition to your romantic brunch ideas that make the moment even sweeter between two loved ones.

This is super easy to make, and you only need three ingredients: fresh strawberries, chocolate, and white chocolate. For a fancy look, just drizzle the top of the chocolate with white chocolate.

  • Chocolate ice cream

This frozen treat is an all-time favorite that’s often a go-to comfort food for some, but it can be extraordinary when served on the Day of Hearts.

This classic dessert—whether on a cone or cup—is perfect for romantic restaurants wanting to give sweet dining ambiance. To make it more special, you can offer various toppings like strawberries, marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles. 

Cocktail drinks 

  • Rose Sangria

This sparkling, sweet, and cool drink has an attractive reddish color that can make anyone fall in love. The mixture of brandy, lemon, and club soda gives it a wonderful balance that makes every sip enjoyable. 

This refreshing and fruity beverage is perfect for warm weather and would be a great addition to your Valentine’s drink menu

  • Frozen strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen strawberry daiquiri, as its name implies, is made with a hefty amount of antioxidant-packed strawberries, which is a good thing about this drink. 

This slushy cocktail comprises four primary ingredients: strawberries, rum, lime, and sugar syrup. It tastes just as good as it looks and will quench one’s thirst in a few minutes. 

Valentine’s menu QR code: The convenient menu editing

Online menus have ways of making every menu update a cakewalk for restaurateurs, whether editing menu prices, adding new items, adjusting the availability of the items, or marking sold-out dishes.

Contactless way of placing order using a tablet menu

Suppose you want to change the fonts and colors used on the menu to get into the spirit of the holiday; you may easily do so when you have a QR code menu.

The desired look will be reflected on your Valentine’s restaurant menu in real-time by simply clicking on the color palettes and font types according to your preference.

And if you want to add a new set of items like “Valentine’s Special Drinks,” that’s not a big deal. You can add as many menu categories as possible without incurring additional costs. 

The tablet menu would only be complete if an image accompanied each item. To complete the overall look, upload a high-quality image of the dish to make it easier for the customers to choose what to purchase.

Overall, having a digital menu QR code quickens the editing process and will help you make it visually compelling. 

5 Ways a QR code menu can help you drive more sales

Scanning a valentines menu QR code
A diner scanning a Valentine's menu QR code.

The interactive digital menu QR code comes with features that can help you promote and sell your products. This tool is suitable for all restaurant businesses of any form and size. 

Whether you run a casual, fine dining, or fast casual restaurant, this tool can assist you in improving your bottom line. 

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective and makes connecting with customers and prospects easy. 

A digital restaurant software like MENU TIGER can help you with your email marketing campaigns. It can store information about newsletter subscribers, such as their names, email, and contact number. You can also download this data for reports. 

With this feature, you can retarget customers, encourage loyalty, and repeat purchases.

2. Social media

As of July 2022, 59 percent of the global population uses social media. It entails how crucial social media promotions are to marketing your products.

Gladly, with MENU TIGER, you can link your social media accounts on your menu. This is helpful for boosting online engagement and for reaching more potential customers. 

3. Feature your Valentine’s menu items special on the QR code menu 

Customers typically look for highlighted items on the menu to help them decide what to purchase. Featuring special items on your menu will help you quickly sell them as it increases visibility. 

It will draw customers’ attention to specific items and indirectly influence their purchasing decisions. Thus, customers will likely consider them in their choices—driving more sales.

Take advantage of this feature to promote your Valentine’s offering online and reach a wider audience. It will significantly boost your engagement and grow your customer base. 

4. Setup Valentine’s day scheduled promotions on the website

Promotions are a powerful strategy to build brand awareness, boost income, and attract new customers. You can practically execute your promotions using an online restaurant management tool. 

In MENU TIGER’s default restaurant website, you can create and display a promotion, whether a percentage or fixed discount on the cart or a percentage discount on selected items. 

You can select the store where you are implementing the promotion and even schedule the date and time of its effectiveness. You won’t be paying extra charges for adding these.

5. Add modifier options 

Expand the menu by adding several options for add-ons and upgrades. It allows customers to customize their orders according to their preferences.

When customers click on more sides, add-ons, and upgrades, their average ticket size will increase. This will be a good Valentine’s day upselling idea to promote more items to the customers. 

Offer a memorable Valentine’s day dining experience with MENU TIGER

Valentine’s day is surely a busy day for restaurants. This is an excellent opportunity for restaurants to tailor their Valentine’s menu exquisitely, offer promo deals, and make special offers. 

The preparation may be long and exhausting, but putting your heart and soul into what you do will be fulfilling.

And when you execute everything right and integrate a high-functioning restaurant technology such as a digital menu, it will positively increase your average sales and revenues. 

Sign up for a freemium plan and get your MENU TIGER QR code menu today.


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