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Social Media for Restaurants: A Marketing Guide

Using social media for restaurants is pivotal in business growth and success. These platforms let you easily connect with customers and help increase your customer base.

And by implementing a social media strategy—whether sharing menu updates or stepping up your online promotions and campaigns—you can boost your online presence and engagement.

The good thing is you can use a QR code menu software to link your social media accounts, making it easier for customers to engage with your posts and keep them informed about updates in your restaurant.

But which social media platforms work well for your business? And how can smart menu QR codes help you reach more potential clients?

Read further to learn more about how to leverage social media platforms.

How a QR code menu can help your social media campaign

MENU TIGER’s smart digital menu can cater to contactless orders without payment. It can also help you run efficient marketing strategies and reach customers through social media. 

Once you link your social media accounts with the code contactless digital menu, you will find them as clickable buttons at the bottom of your website and mobile landing page.

Customers can quickly access your social media pages by tapping on these buttons. This feature can help you increase engagement and following on your social media.

How to add your social media accounts to your QR code menu

Add social media account
Easily link social media accounts with MENU TIGER

Here’s a step-by-step guide to linking your restaurant’s social media accounts to your interactive online menu:

1. Log into your MENU TIGER account. On the admin panel, go to Stores.

2. In the Stores section, select the store where you will link your social media account.

3. After that, see the list of actions on the right side of the screen and click Social Account.

4. Enter your social media account username next to your preferred platform. 

5. Once done, click the Save button at the bottom right corner so that changes will reflect in your  QR code menu and website.

Why it’s important to use social media for restaurants

Having a social media presence is a must if you want your business to thrive because that’s where your customers are.

The USA alone has 302.25 million social media users as of 2023—90% of the total US population. This means you miss out on engaging with this massive audience by not being on social media. 

It’s also evident how social media has influenced how we interact with one another and how businesses connect with their customers. 

This channel provides two-way communication between you and your customers, which is essential to keep them engaged and foster meaningful interaction.

And as restaurant customers become digitally inclined, having a strong digital presence and identity could expand your reach and influence. 

Best Social media platforms for restaurants

Social media platforms for restaurants
Major social media platforms for restaurants

Having a social media account for your restaurant can help you increase your customer base and reach more potential customers.

But it’s worth noting that the type of social media platform you will use will also depend on your purpose and your target market.

Here are the major social media platforms you can integrate into your restaurant:


Facebook is a good social media platform for restaurant owners because it’s the hub of connection and engagement, with 2.988 billion monthly active Facebook users in April—making it the world’s most active social media platform. 

Given its large user base, you can use Facebook to target potential clients based on their demographics and interests. It also helps retarget previous site visitors, narrowing down your target audience.

What’s interesting about Facebook is that it lets you create a business page for free. You can add restaurant details like your contact information, indicate your product’s price range, and display your services, like delivery or takeout. 

You can maximize your marketing efforts by creating Facebook pages and video ads or joining Facebook groups with fine dining, casual, fast casual restaurants, or similar restaurants in your community to keep updated with current trends.

To make your page look more credible, provide a link for your website and use a professional-looking profile picture and cover photo.


Almost one-third (32%) of all Instagrammers are aged 18 to 34. If your target audience primarily consists of individuals in this age group, Instagram is the best social media for restaurants to focus your digital marketing efforts.

Set up a professional Instagram account to get insights about your followers and create ads to help you reach more people and build your community.

Lastly, be consistent with your aesthetic. Instagram is all about visuals, so make sure you display professional-looking and visually attractive images. This will make users more likely to enjoy scrolling through your page.


TikTok has become very popular recently, especially with Millenials and Gen Z. It has been downloaded over 3.5 billion times on mobile devices globally.

TikTok’s self-service advertising tools helped marketers reach 1.092 billion users aged 18 and above, according to Data Reportal in 2023. 

It’s a great social media platform for your restaurant as it allows you to collaborate with influencers, tag your videos with products, and stay active in the comments.

It’s also a wise tactic to follow other restaurants that have gone viral and explore diverse content. Doing so allows you to gain inspiration, learn from their strategies, and position your restaurant for a breakthrough. 


Twitter has millions of active users daily, and it’s no surprise it’s in the world’s top 15 most popular media sites.

This platform is well known for hashtags (#), which allow businesses to take advantage of trending topics. You can customize your trend display to show what’s popular with the people you follow.

And make sure to carefully curate your Twitter profile to present a cohesive and compelling image of your business. 

This will allow you to effectively convey your brand’s identity and values, which are essential to making a positive impression on your audience.

Benefits of having a social media presence for restaurants

Here are some compelling reasons why creating a profile on social media platforms is highly beneficial for your business:

Boost visual marketing

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” remains true. Stunning visuals can evoke emotions, convey messages, and communicate your brand’s value.

Visually appealing content can influence a customer’s purchasing decision. Customers will likely consider purchasing a product when a visual representation accompanies it. 

According to the CrowdRiff infographic, 53% of customers find images more important than ratings or reviews, while 63% believe images are more relevant than product descriptions.

And when discussing visual marketing, the best social media platform for restaurants is Instagram since it focuses more on photos and videos.

Drive customer traffic

Another benefit of social media pages for restaurants is that it can significantly help you generate leads and drive traffic.

Social media acts as word of mouth. It is a powerful platform where people recommend goods and services to their family and friends.

That’s why it’s important to actively engage on social media and respond to customer queries to build a positive reputation and reach a wider audience.

Provide cost-effective solutions

Creating a social media account is free, which is why it’s ideal for start-ups and those with limited marketing budgets because there’s no upfront cost.

It offers advertising options that fit your budget, like sponsored content, boosted posts, and ad creation. 

And since many businesses use social media to their benefit, you need to be creative and strategic in implementing your marketing tactic to stand out.

Improve your business’ searchability

Having Social media for restaurants can improve your search visibility through social metrics such as likes, shares, and comments, which can positively impact your search engine rankings.

And by implementing your strategies correctly and delivering valuable content, you can grow your followers and drive traffic. 

Understand your customer experience

Social media provides a direct and real-time channel for customers to share their experiences, comments, and suggestions about products and services.

By actively responding to customers’ feedback, you can cultivate a customer-centric approach and make necessary improvements based on valuable insights. 

This can strengthen customer relationships, increase customer trust, and improve profitability. 

Engage your restaurant in socials with the help of MENU TIGER

Taking advantage of social media for restaurants enables you to establish a strong online presence for your business and connect with your customers.

You can rely on innovative tools like a QR code menu software so it’s easier for customers to engage with you and stay up-to-date with your new offerings and deals. 

Boost your online engagement by linking your social media account to MENU TIGER. Subscribe to a MENU TIGER freemium plan today.

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