Top 10 Fast food and Restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day
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Top 10 Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day

Looking out for restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day? You have come to the right place.

Over the years, more people have preferred dining out on this holiday instead of preparing meals at home as this is more convenient and hassle-free.

Restaurants open for 24 hours on holidays can expect an influx of customers, so it can get quite busy. But with a QR code menu software, they can operate smoothly and provide quality service to their diners.

Find out the top ten restaurants and food hubs open on Thanksgiving, so you’ll have more choices about where to dine on this special occasion.

Enjoy a Thanksgiving banquet in these restaurants

Before diving right into some Black Friday restaurant deals tomorrow, why not indulge yourself in these restaurants?

Farmhouse Evanston

Farmhouse Evanston
Farmhouse Evanston website homepage

Farmhouse Evanston is a farm-to-tavern restaurant that serves delicious meals like cheese curds, mussels, and classic burgers—all fresh from the farm’s harvest.

It started in July 2013 and continues today, especially during the holidays. It’s one of the Chicago restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day.

From 11 am to 7 pm, The Farmhouse Evanston serves a traditional Christmas buffet meal. The buffet includes standard Thanksgiving fare, traditional turkey stuffing, a 4-cheese mac & cheese, a charcuterie board, a mixed salad, and desserts.

Big Jones

Big Jones
Big Jones homepage interface

Big Jones was founded by Paul Fehribach and Mark Armantrout in 2008 with a Southern cuisine to Chicago. The restaurant focuses on the right ingredients with the best flavors from independent local farms and small producers to their kitchen tables. 

The restaurant is renowned for its love of creating delicious meals and beverages for the festive holiday. The seating options are available between 1 and 7 p.m. on November 24.

Cajun-style turkey, cauliflower soup, mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread are all part of the $90 special Thanksgiving menu.

Diners can enjoy a Southern cuisine restaurant for the Thanksgiving meal!

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer
Urban Farmer homepage interface

Urban Farmer is another farm-to-table restaurant in Denver. Customers can indulge in a modern steakhouse that brings the best meals from their fresh harvests and local producers.

They’re open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Diners can cozy up and expect a choice of starters and entrees specially made for the holiday feast. There are also classic meals like smashed red potatoes, baked yams, cakes, and pies to satisfy customers’ cravings.

The holiday season is officially upon us, and everyone’s pulling out all the stops for holiday feasting this year. Don’t forget to check out Urban Farmer as one of Denver restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day.

Other food and beverage businesses open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than just about fancy dinners or a well-curated meal plan in restaurants, as customers can also opt for a sit-down meal in fast food chains and diners. 

Check out these diners and fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day.

Boston Market

Boston Market
Photo of Boston Market restaurant branch

For a quick yet bountiful meal for Thanksgiving, head out to Boston Market. Enjoy their boneless roasted turkey breast, half-rotisserie chicken, dinner roll, and a slice of pumpkin pie for a heartful dinner.

Cook Out

Cook Out
Photo of Cook Out counter

Grab a quick meal at Cook Out’s drive-thru. Enjoy sumptuous burgers, barbecue plates, fries, and shakes on this special day.


Photo of McDonald branch with customers

Going for a fast food Thanksgiving meal? Go to McDonald’s and feast on chicken nuggets, burgers, and chicken fillets, with apple pies and sundaes for dessert. 


Photo of Popeyes branch with customers

You can also go to Popeyes for more fried chicken delights on Thanksgiving. Enjoy their bestselling tenders meal and a side of mashed potatoes.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel
Photo of Cracker Barrel serving customers

Some people prefer homecooked meals over store-bought ones but are too busy or tired to prepare for Thanksgiving meals. But with Cracker Barrel, they can still enjoy homestyle cooking without much hassle.


Domino's branch open for customers

If you love pizza more than anything else, go to Domino’s and celebrate fast food Thanksgiving. Grab a bite of their turkey pizza to commemorate the holiday.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' donuts
Photo of Dunkin' Donuts branch

Coffee and donuts are a combination that’s perfect any time, any day. If you want to have some fast food on Thanksgiving, drop by your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts, as they’re open on the occasion.

GIF Banner Menu Tiger for generic banner 15

How to elevate your restaurant during Thanksgiving Day

Running a restaurant and food service business where every establishment offers the same offers takes a lot of work. Even after showing off your November restaurant marketing ideas, you still need reinforcement.

However, you can elevate your restaurant’s online ordering page, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday, with a tablet menu for restaurants using MENU TIGER’s top-notch features.  

Check out these tips to prepare your business during the hectic holiday.

Set business hours schedules

Set business hours menu tiger

The essence of Thanksgiving Day does not only revolve around customers but restaurant employees as well. Give your staff time off so they can go out and celebrate with their loved ones.

Set the operating hours of your business using MENU TIGER’s feature. Proceed to the Stores section of your account and edit your opening hours. This is where you can set your restaurant to open 24 hours or less (depending on your operation), and you can also enable and disable the business days and days off of your business.

This will earn your employees’ respect, and they will be more motivated to work.

Display WiFi QR codes on accessible spots 

Scan QR code menu

To access the online menu, customers need an internet connection. You can conveniently provide that for them with a WiFi QR code using MENU TIGER. 

You can customize the QR code, and once printed, place it on accessible areas of your store, such as walls, doors, and countertops. Customers won’t have to type the password manually. 

Offering free WiFi can also drive more customers, especially Gen Z, who are active social media users, and love taking photos and videos and sharing them online. 

Having a social media presence will help you boost customer engagement. Allow your customers to tag your business on their Instagram, for instance, to drive more traffic. The next time they dine, they will likely consider you an option.

Update your holiday menu

While some people search for a restaurant where they can eat without having to deal with cooking in their own kitchens, invite customers to dine in instead with an optimized interactive restaurant menu. 

An interactive restaurant menu is a cost-efficient alternative to your plain paperback menus. Paperback menus tend to make your business spend more on paper printing every time you update. However, with an interactive restaurant menu, you can easily update your online ordering page without reprinting the menu QR codes.

In addition, using a tablet menu for restaurants’ upgraded service is an A-plus for regular and new customers since they do not need to fumble through a physical menu.

This is an opportunity for your restaurant to generate income, ensure growth,  and support sustainability over the holiday season. 

Strengthen restaurant traffic on social media

Social media is now an effective platform for marketing purposes. It’s also a convenient way for customers to reach you and ask queries or give suggestions.

Promote your Thanksgiving deals and special meals on your restaurant’s social pages so more people will know and have the chance to avail of these offers.

Help customers with their purchase decision

One way to facilitate customers’ purchase decisions is by showing food transparency. This will inform them about important food details they might need as they decide what to purchase. 

This includes ingredients, food allergen warnings, preparation time, and number of servings. MENU TIGER allows you to execute this task smoothly.

Each item has an image and a detailed description, and these can help customers decide quickly and make informed purchase decisions. 

Increase customer engagement and sales with a restaurant QR code menu

Restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day can keep their operations smooth by using the top-notch features of MENU TIGER’s interactive QR code menu software.

Highlight the best Thanksgiving menu in your restaurant to attract diners. Also, give promotion vouchers and Wi-Fi amenities to support busy customer traffic during peak season. Come up with strategic marketing through the data analytics of your kitchen dashboard. 

Enjoy these cutting-edge features of MENU TIGER to streamline your services, especially during the Thanksgiving holidays. Visit MENU TIGER and sign up for a freemium plan now!

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