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How to Use Restaurant Waiter Call Button System

MENU TIGER now has a restaurant waiter call button system that helps you streamline your workforce service and allows your customers to make requests or orders at their fingertips.

Our new Hot Actions feature makes it much easier to notice your customers’ demands since it’s already automated and synchronized with your entire QR code menu system.

And when the notification pops up, you can quickly attend to every diner’s request without delay. This could easily become your new pal for boosting your restaurant service and branding.

Just imagine being able to organize and quicken your establishment’s workflow while also ensuring a customer-centric experience for all of your patrons. You’d surely not want to miss out on this one.

Learn more about integrating or activating this new MENU TIGER feature in this article.

MENU TIGER’s new Hot Actions restaurant call button: How does it work?

MENU TIGER’s Hot Actions button facilitates quick communication and smooth coordination between customers and restaurant staff. 

Suppose a customer wants to have a messy table cleaned. Calling a waiter’s attention can be difficult, especially during busy hours.

Here’s where this new restaurant contactless ordering app feature comes in handy. With a scan and a tap, the customer can easily send a request that will prompt the waitstaff, who will then serve once notified.

The restaurant call button allows establishment owners to upgrade service quality through speed and accuracy, fostering a sense of satisfaction and trust in your commitment to an exceptional dining experience.

How to create Hot Actions in MENU TIGER

Here’s how to access and add Hot Actions on the MENU TIGER menu app:

1. Go to MENU TIGER and sign into your account.

Online menu sign up
Sign in page of MENU TIGER website

2. Click Hot Actions selection to create and add commands to your QR code menu.

Restaurant waiter call button system
MENU TIGER Hot Action button

Go to the sidebar menu of your dashboard and look for the Hot Actions button, then click it.  Select the Create option to add commands to your restaurant ordering app. 

3. Click Add to create more requests for your restaurant waiter call button system.

Restaurant call button setup
Adding a Hot Action on MENU TIGER

Go to the upper right of your Hot Actions dashboard and click Add to create more requests.

Choose the designated store/s for your hot action.

Restaurant call button system
Hot Action feature details

Upload an icon, enter the header, and write a message about the hot action request.

Click Localize to translate the hot action. 

Tap the Add button after entering the necessary information.

Note: The number of Hot Actions you can make for your menu depends on your plan: 2 for Freemium, 4 for Regular, 6 for Advanced, 10 for Premium, and 20 for Platinum.

4. Save the update of the Hot Actions.

Online menu translation
Hot Action feature localization option

How to use the restaurant waiter call button system

Here’s a quick guide you can share with your customers so they can easily access the Hot Actions feature:

  1. Access the online menu via the menu QR code or the restaurant website.
  2. Click the Request button on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Select your desired hot action, then tap Send Request.

How to find and approve Hot Actions requests in the waiter calling system

The menu software will prompt you once a customer sends a request. To view it, follow these steps:

1. Click the Requests button below the Hot Actions menu.

Select the Hot Actions from the dashboard sidebar, then click Requests.

2. Tap the filter options below Hot action requests to view the commands.

After clicking Requests, you will default redirect to the Today filter, showing only the requests created within the day.

Click the Custom tab to filter the hot action requests by a specific date range, with the default being one week. Enter the necessary dates to continue the command. 

Note: The QR code menu allows admins to filter the hot actions based on the specific store. Regular users can only see the requests under the store assigned to them.

3. View the request’s status on the dashboard.

You will see all active and approved requests on your screen. To change the status of a request, simply click the button under the Status column.

Select Approve once your waitstaff has taken action on the request. If you approved one by mistake, simply select Activate to avoid confusion.

You can also sort requests by status. Click the Status button on the upper right corner and select among the options: All, Active, and Approved.

Advantages of implementing Hot Actions in an interactive restaurant menu software

Interactive restaurant menu software
Visual representation of Hot Action advantage

Restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments can benefit from implementing a call tables button system in many ways.

Adding this feature to their digital or paperless menu QR code empowers diners to ask for help from the waitstaff without calling their attention by standing up or waving at them.

Know more about how this innovation can upgrade your services:

Improved customer satisfaction

Having this innovative feature helps you promptly respond to customer requests, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and more chances of repeat business.

When you meet your patrons’ needs efficiently and immediately, they are more likely to have positive experiences and leave favorable reviews for your restaurant. 

This can potentially attract more foot traffic to your restaurant, increasing your revenue and profit.

Enhanced operation efficiency

A waiter calling system helps waitstaff answer customer queries more quickly and efficiently. 

It’s quite a hassle for them to go to the customer’s table to know their request, go to the back of the house to get what they asked, then return to give it to them.

With this innovation, they can instantly receive requests and readily assist customers. More than that, they won’t have to stay alert for customers who’ll call their attention.

This decreases turnaround times and enables waitstaff to work smarter, not harder.

Increased table turnover rate

Having a call system for restaurants not only upgrades service quality but also speeds it up.

By scanning a menu QR code, customers can quickly request waitstaff and have their demands met immediately. The prompt service lessens wait times, which then boosts table turnover rates.

Effective staff management

Automating customer service requests lets managers carefully deploy their workers to attend to particular tables or locations, ensuring that specific tables receive the necessary attention.

This helps you divide tasks among your waitstaff equally and wisely. It can help guarantee that none of them is overworked, increasing employee retention rate, and this is according to restaurant employment statistics.

It also helps you maximize resources, minimize efficiencies, and streamline processes.

Speed up service and increase efficiency using MENU TIGER’s restaurant waiter call button system

MENU TIGER’s new Hot Actions feature is a must-have for every restaurant owner. It can help you manage your establishment more efficiently and provide convenience to your customers and staff.

Explore this handy feature of our interactive restaurant menu software today and adopt cutting-edge strategies to improve your level of customer service.


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