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11 Restaurant POS Systems To Boost Productivity

A restaurant POS system is essential for revolutionizing operations and automating numerous important tasks—from order processing and inventory management to staff scheduling and customer relationship management.

Having one brings convenience to your restaurant, but you can upgrade it by integrating a smart QR code menu software—a contactless order-and-pay solution that can also act as a POS.

So, if you’ve been in the gray about what is a POS system in restaurant setups, how you can run a convenient POS, and the various types you can use, read further on this article to know more.

What is a restaurant POS system?

A restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system is a comprehensive software and hardware solution created to simplify and optimize various restaurant operations.

It acts as the focal point for organizing and processing transactions, keeping track of sales, and enhancing interaction between front-of-house and back-of-house workers.

The system supports order tracking and customization features, analytic reports, and integrations with other systems like multiple payment channels, QR code menu software, and inventory management. 

This technology aims to provide a seamless ordering system by automating the transaction process.

Restaurant management software
The convenience of having restaurant management software


Clover is a product of the fintech and finance company Fiserv. This POS processes payments on the backend and lets you select your own service provider. 

Clover is a comprehensive restaurant POS solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses like restaurants, retail stores, or professional services that prefer to get customer payments in person.

It offers a range of features to facilitate sales transactions, manage inventory, and analyze business data.

While the upfront cost of Clover’s hardware may be relatively higher compared to some other food service POS systems, the quality and versatility of the hardware justify the initial expense.


Loyverse POS is designed for retail, small stores, and the hospitality industry. It offers a cloud-based POS that lets you run your businesses at the comfort of your phone or tablet.

Plus, this is also free to use for the basics, which is perfect if you’re just starting out. They also have paid plans if you need more fancy features, like controlling what employees do or keeping track of customers.

You can also easily integrate it with restaurant software to streamline your ordering processes and inventory management.

Take the MENU TIGER and Loyverse integration, for instance. This QR code menu and POS collaboration made it easier for restaurant owners to gather customer analytics, manage employees and inventory, and provide improved service to their customers.


This Android-based restaurant POS software caters to the needs of several food establishments like fine dining restaurants, coffee stores, bakeries, pizza chains, and bars.

Toast POS offers menu management features, including customizing menus and adding time-specific pricing. The software also tracks real-time menu sales and offers users comprehensive data on the product mix across all menus to users.

Other significant Toast features include real-time menu updates, online ordering, analytics, and reporting. 

However, Toast has no built-in CRM tools or integrated payment processors within the POS system; you must get these through third-party integrations.


Revel is an intuitive iOS-based POS system that can integrate with bar and management software. The system has a user-friendly interface and efficient features, simplifying restaurant operations with minimal table service.

One of its standout features is its financial management capabilities. The system enables you to easily track sales and generate detailed financial reports, helping you make informed decisions crucial for your business’s growth.

The software also has great features to improve customers’ dining experience, such as payment gateway, table management, kitchen tickets, and takeout and delivery services.

Cake POS 

Cake restaurant POS system
Cake POS restaurant system

Cake POS is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses serve customers quickly, provide better services, and thrive.

The software has a sleek interface that lets business owners learn in a short amount of time.

Cake POS can streamline operations with features like online ordering, table-side ordering, and QR code solutions. The software also ensures restaurant owners won’t have to worry because it provides 24/7 customer support.


Lavu is an iPad POS system for bars and restaurants that offers a great price point and access to different third-party delivery.

Lavu offers personalization features, including configurable menus, seat and course numbering, and multi-printer order routing.

Restaurants may promote their brands by developing custom logos, uploading original product photos, and generating custom consumer receipts for customers.


Lightspeed offers a versatile POS system that enables restaurants to seamlessly integrate different brands’ restaurant-specific items into their existing hardware stack. 

Lightspeed goes beyond hardware compatibility and payment processing flexibility. Its features include online ordering integrations, multi-location management, cloud-based reporting, and others.  

And unlike other retail and food service POS systems that limit your options to specific payment providers, Lightspeed allows you to select a payment processor that best suits your business needs. 

NCR Aloha

NCR Aloha POS system
NCR Aloha POS system

The NCR Aloha POS is an end-to-end solution designed to elevate your guests’ experience and optimize restaurant operations.

Aloha POS can cater to your diverse needs with its functional features like stock control and customer relationship management (CRM).

This POS system solution has an intuitive interface and innovative features that let you seamlessly manage orders, efficiently handle table and seating arrangements, and effortlessly process payments—providing an unforgettable customer journey.

Square POS

This software offers customizable solutions and caters to a wide range of businesses, including table service restaurants, counter service facilities, bars and pubs, cafés, and food trucks.

Square POS has established a strong presence in quick-service restaurants with its versatility and low cost. 

Its advanced and restaurant-specific capabilities—powerful table management, configurable menus, and self-service QR code functionality—make it a popular choice among food service business owners.

Epos Now

Epos Now provides an effective point-of-sale solution by incorporating integrated payments, an online booking system, and a configurable dashboard.

It has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive training mode—a good choice for businesses that don’t have time to train new employees.

Epos Now also integrates with third-party payment providers, which makes payment processing easier. And it’s also compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad. 

But what makes Epos more interesting is its straightforward setup process, which helps you get things done quickly.


Talech POS system
Talech POS system

Talech is a user-friendly and accessible POS solution with tablet-based functionality. 

The software is suited for a range of restaurants and bars—full-service restaurants, cafes, hospitality establishments, casual dining restaurants, and retail outlets. 

This restaurant management software has extensive reporting and analytics solutions to help you increase your company’s growth by making data-driven decisions.

You can also carefully monitor many business areas, such as best-selling dishes, return rates, and popular table requests.

Other great features Talech offers include online ordering, payment processing, cash management, and others.

Upgrade your POS system with a QR code menu software

Knowing what is a POS system in restaurant setups and which one is the best to use into your business provides a cohesive and efficient dining experience while improving your productivity and boosting your bottom line.

And when you pair it with a QR code menu software, you can enjoy more features and advantages to help you manage your restaurant better and provide quality food and service to diners.

Whatever POS system you use, it’s best to accompany it with MENU TIGER. This integration will surely give you an edge over competitors.

Take advantage of our valuable tools and sign up for our plans today.

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