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QR Code Menu Ideas: 7 Tips On How To Use Them

Knowing the best QR code menu ideas for displaying them can help you quickly catch customer attention and reinforce your restaurant’s brand identity.

It’s not enough to customize your QR code and incorporate your restaurant’s branding elements; you must also know how and where to show them off to maximize customer engagement.

You can generate a unique and branded QR code using MENU TIGER. This QR code menu app and restaurant management software have easy-to-use customization tools that let you easily personalize your menu QR codes.

Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by this technology; we’ll teach you how to use our intuitive software. On top of that, we’ll also share tips you can use for displaying your branded QR codes.

QR code menu ideas for restaurants

QR code menu ideas
QR code menu use cases

Looking for innovative ideas on where to display the generated menu QR code? Here are some out-of-the-box QR code menu examples you may consider:

Wooden-based menu QR code 

Engraving QR codes on wooden materials provide aesthetic appeal. They have a natural and rustic charm that complements various restaurants’ themes and concepts.

It is also a sustainable choice that can resonate positively with environmentally conscious customers who appreciate eco-friendly initiatives.

Laser-engraved menu QR code 

Laser engraving leaves a permanent mark on metal, wood, or glass surfaces. This makes a QR code menu extremely resistant to wear and tear.

And unlike printed QR codes, laser engraving ensures that your QR codes remain readable for longer.

This is also suitable for outdoor use because it is more resilient to environmental factors like rain and sunlight. Restaurants offering al fresco dining can take advantage of this.

Plastic QR code

A plastic QR code menu for restaurants is one digital menu idea to consider when creating a QR code for your menu.

This is ideal if your setting is exposed to water or liquids since they are waterproof, highly durable, and resistant to damage from scratches. Suitable examples include bars, cafes, and restaurants that serve cold drinks.

And since plastics are known for longevity, it’s ideal for applications where long-term use is necessary.

Custom table stands 

Placing printed QR code menus for restaurants on custom table stands enhances visibility, allowing customers to see them even at long distances.

This is one of the smartest and handiest restaurant QR code ideas display idea can help save space, especially for restaurants with limited table spaces or smaller dining areas.

Acrylic QR codes

Acrylic QR codes are highly visible even in bright sunlight, making them a good choice for al fresco dining

And since acrylic is a transparent material, it can easily blend with the environment, making the QR code less obtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. 

Paper-printed QR code menu app on tabletop inserts

Putting your paper-printed food menu QR code on tabletop inserts is relatively inexpensive compared to other QR code display ideas. 

Because paper printing is less complicated, it will only take a few minutes for you to reproduce multiple QR codes. 

However, paper-printed QR codes are susceptible to wear and tear. These may fade over time, making them difficult or even impossible to scan.

And when this happens, you have to print a new batch. This can be pricey and inconvenient in the long run.

Foil sticker digital menu idea

Foil stickers have a glossy and reflective surface, making them eye-catching. 

It can also easily stick or place them onto various surfaces like walls and storefront windows, letting you place QR codes in many locations strategically. 

Here are QR code menu examples you can use as a reference for your business:

Wooden menu QR code
Sample of a wooden menu QR code

Engraved QR code
Sample of laser-engraved menu QR code

Plastic menu QR code
Sample QR code menu on plastics/packaging

Acrylic menu QR code
Sample of acrylic menu QR code

Table tent QR code
Sample of table stand menu QR code

Sticker QR code
Sample of foil sticker menu QR code
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How to create a QR code for your menu with MENU TIGER

Creating a QR code for food menu with MENU TIGER is quick and easy, and you can do so in just a few simple steps. Here’s how:

1. Start by creating an account with MENU TIGER

Fill in your restaurant details: contact information, preferred languages, and currency. Then, provide an appealing cover image for your menu website.

2. Build your categories

  • Go to the Menu tab, then click the Food section.
  • Click Add under Categories to create groups like Appetizers, Desserts, Salads, and more.
  • Fill in all item details before clicking Add.

3. Enter your food item list

  • Organize your food items into their respective categories.
  • Complete all necessary sections, including name and preparation time.
  • Upload enticing high-quality images to boost your menu’s appeal.
  • Click Add.

Pro tip: You can also enhance the customer’s food experience by adding Modifiers, found in the Menu section

4. Create your QR code design ideas

  • Go to Stores, select a Store, and click Tables.
  • Customize your QR code’s data pattern, eye style, and colors. Choose a frame and add a call to action.
  • Once done customizing, remember to hit the Update button.
  • Download, print, and display the QR code.

Tip: Test scan the QR code using different devices and environments before deploying it to ensure scannability. 

Why MENU TIGER is the best digital restaurant menu QR code for restaurants

QR code menu
Smart menu with a QR code

MENU TIGER is a reliable and trusted restaurant management software offering many features for faster and better service.—from easy menu management to detailed consumer analytics.

Know the notable services that MENU TIGER offers in detail. See the following:

Customize your QR codes

You can generate a custom menu QR code using MENU TIGER customization tools. This includes options for customizing the QR code’s data pattern, eyes, colors, and frames. You can even add the logo of your store.

What’s even more convenient is that the generated QR codes remain the same no matter how often you update your menu content; you won’t have to get a new one when you make changes to your menu.

Update menu items easily

It’s easier to manage your menu with its tool to hide unavailable items, drag and drop items, and even schedule item availability.

You can edit anytime using any device, like a desktop or tablet. Upon scanning the code, the updates will automatically reflect on the customers’ end.

Run promotions

Another reason MENU TIGER is the best QR code for restaurant menus is that it supports tools for marketing.

You can run different types of promotions—percentage discounts on total cart value, discounts on selected items, fixed discount amounts on total cart value—and display them on your restaurant website within your specified date and time.

You may also add a promotion banner to make it more appealing to the customers.

Translate the menu into several languages

Restaurants that serve a diverse customer base or international visitors can take advantage of the multilingual menu accessibility of  MENU TIGER’s digital menu QR code

Customers who speak their native language can easily access and understand the menu. 

This helps create a more inclusive environment for diverse patrons and, most importantly, enhances their experience by eliminating the chances of miscommunication.

Manage multiple stores

MENU TIGER is an efficient solution for businesses with multiple branches. 

Restaurant owners can easily monitor each store’s daily customer transactions from a single platform with its centralized menu management.

So if a particular location runs out of a specific dish, it can be easily removed from the menu for that particular outlet, and changes will reflect in real-time.

You can also manage your store by setting its opening hours and days.

Access to order, revenue, and customer analytics

There is no need to manually input and monitor daily sales or most sold items because you can easily access them on your dashboard. 

With access to data analytics, you can make better business decisions, analyze customer trends, and back up your operations and marketing strategy. You may also download these data for your reports.

Add the team to your account

MENU TIGER lets you bring teamwork to your account. You can add co-admins and sub-users to your account and assign them to a particular store. 

Adding team members to your account helps you easily manage your menu on the backend and increase operational efficiency.

GIF Banner Menu Tiger for generic banner 10

Get creative with your QR code design ideas with MENU TIGER

With these QR code menu ideas for displaying, you can guarantee your diners a more convenient and engaging dining experience.

But take note: You must also consider your QR code’s functionality and ensure it provides a fast and smooth scanning process.

Create a functional custom QR code menu now with MENU TIGER. Sign up for our freemium plan or choose a premium subscription for full QR code customization.


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