Exceptional Koreatown restaurants to visit in LA
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Exceptional Koreatown restaurants to visit in LA

If you happen to be in Los Angeles and ask locals for recommendations for the best places to dine out, they will most likely direct you to one of many iconic Koreatown restaurants.

Ktown is filled with diverse cuisines. You can try authentic Korean food and be delighted with the delectable Chinese, Mexican, and Indian dishes. 

And if you’re overwhelmed by all the food choices a restaurant offers, check out the essential food details on the QR code menu to make the best choice.

We’ve listed the must-visit restaurants in Koreatown, LA, the specialties, and must-try items in each establishment.

Where to get Koreatown’s best foods in LA

Down for some authentic Asian restaurants? Well, here are some of the best KTown flavors to try:

1. Tokki

Are you looking for a place for a casual date or a big group dinner with friends while satisfying your Korean food cravings? 

Tokki homepage interface

Tokki, one of the unique places in the area, is an excellent choice for you. Visit Tokki and try their signature dishes—sumptuous truffle kimchi fried rice, smoky truffle-brushed bulgogi, and freshly cracked egg. 

Another specialty worth trying is Tokki, which includes Hokkaido scallops, truffle kimchi fried rice, and rose tteokbokki

And while you’re there, don’t miss a chance for a glass of fancy cocktails. Try White Rabbit or Jeju Sunset. And for your information, they only serve cocktails made with soju or sake

2. Kinn 

If you’re searching for a place with affordable and tasty food where you can throw a dinner party or have an intimate date, there’s no better place than Kinn. 

Kinn newsletter signup page

Kinn is one of the best restaurants in Ktown that offers the best authentic Korean food in Los Angeles. They are also the first Korean fine dining place in Koreatown, offering a 7-course prix fixe menu. 

The seven-course meal may change seasonally, but you can expect surprising courses—like a seafood pizza overflowing with creamy sea urchin, fish roe, and seaweed or screamy egg custard sprinkled with spinach chips. 

For only $72 per person, it’s indeed one of the most tasting yet affordable menus in LA.

3. Sun Nong Dan

Sun Nong Dan is a Korean restaurant renowned for ox bone soup and their special galbi jjim with cheese, which most people say is a must-try to have a complete Ktown experience.

Sun Nong Dan
Sun Nong Dan homepage interface

When you order this dish, you are in for a fantastic fire show as staff will torch the melting cheese top on your table. So make sure to order it with cheese (unless you’re allergic to dairy).

Since galbi jjim is really popular, expect a flock of customers when you visit Sun Nong Dan. Also, you can go there any time since they’re open 24 hours a day. 

4. Sun Ha Jang Restaurant

Sun Ha Jang is a well-known Korean duck barbecue place in Ktown LA. And for your information, they only serve one thing—duck.  

Sun Ha Jang
Sun Ha Jang homepage interface

You can try their tasty sliced breast, served on a giant platter and cooked by the server on a pan. 

It is full of flavor and has a tender texture that you cannot resist; it tastes even better when dipped in sesame oil and salt.

They will use the remaining fat in the pan to cook rice and kimchi for an incredible meal ending. 

Other famous places to eat in Koreatown 

Try out these foods from the best restaurants in Ktown to satisfy your cravings.

1. Guelaguetza 

Guelaguetza is a Mexican restaurant that can satisfy your craving for Mexican food. 

Guelaguetza homepage interface

This place in Koreatown offers best food choices of traditional Mexican menu, so don’t just expect tacos and burritos; try their Oaxacan entrees, such as enmoladas and chilaquiles.  

Moreover, this is ideal if you want some groove since they have live music you can enjoy while drinking Mezcal. To complete the Mexican gastronomic meal, order some queso fundido—this will capture your heart and taste buds.

2. Biriyani Kabob house

The tasty food that Biriyani Kabob House serves is made from special and fresh ingredients and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Biriyani Kabob House
Biriyani Kabob House homepage interface

Their specialties include Hyderabadi biriyani, lamb shank curry, and saag paneer. They also have aromatic basmati rice and curries added with special spices.

They have many worth-ordering items, but you can also ask for recommendations from the owner’s favorite biryanis.

3. Young King Restaurant

Young King is one of the unique places to eat in Koreatown as it serves both Korean and Chinese cuisine.

Young king restaurant
Young King Restaurant digital menu page

They have classics you have to order, such as tangsuyuk (crispy fried pork with a sweet and sour sauce on the side) and cha chiang mein (noodles in caramelized black bean sauce).

Also, they are known for being the best spot for jja jjang myun in the city. If you follow a plant-based diet, you can order a vegetarian version of the delicacy.

The best time to visit Young King Restaurant is on weekdays, as it is a popular spot for family dinners on the weekends, so you might have to wait a bit.

4. Pollo A La Brasa

Pollo A La Brasa is well-known in the Ktown neighborhood for serving the best Peruvian-style roast chicken.

Pollo A La Brasa
Pollo A La Brasa digital menu page

And while you’re there, you can watch hundreds of golden chickens roasting on spits, which is a sight to behold.

A quarter bird comes with fries and salad per serving, which only cost $8, and the chicken has a perfect blend of salty and spicy. You should add an adji sauce to complement this unique taste.

Improve customers’ dining experience with a digital QR code menu 

Menu QR code in restaurant
Customers dining with menu QR code display

Neighboring competitors are undeniably working hard to serve quality and delicious dishes. So, how can you make your restaurant stand out from the crowd?

Integrating technology and automation like a QR code-based restaurant menu will set you apart from the competition, help you connect with your customers, and assist you in extending quality services.

Here’s how you can leverage automation using a QR code menu:

Listen to your customers using the customer survey form

Knowing your customers’ comments about your food and service is the easiest way to identify pain points. You can address customers’ concerns and improve the areas where you’re lacking.

To collect customer feedback, you can use MENU TIGER’s survey form and ask customers to take a moment to answer and leave honest feedback.

This data will facilitate your efforts to improve your services and meet customer expectations.

Speedy ordering process using a QR code menu

During peak hours, expect a flock of customers and an influx of orders. A restaurant contactless ordering system will assist you in simultaneously attending to customer demands and orders. 

Take advantage of QR code ordering and online payment options on the digital menu. Customers’ purchases will be reflected on the kitchen monitor with just a few clicks, prompting the kitchen staff.  

Through automation, it will be more efficient to process customer orders, resulting in faster turns of the tables.

Keep your customers updated with your restaurant’s events, promotions, and deals through social media. 

Using one of the best QR code contactless digital menu software like MENU TIGER, lets you link your social media account on your online menu.

Displaying your social media accounts on your menu will significantly increase engagement and reach more potential customers.

With this digital tool, you can quickly gain popularity and become one of the best Korean restaurants in Koreatown.

Offer a free WiFi at your Koreatown restaurant

WiFi is indeed a must nowadays. Gen Zers, in particular, can’t separate themselves from technology. On average, they spend 74% of their free time online

Wifi QR code
WiFi QR code scan to connect

Waiting for orders while connected to the Internet can make their idle time more worthwhile as they scroll through their feeds or watch videos and movies.

Zoomers are inclined to share snaps of their daily life on social media. Most would take photos of their food, which can help promote your business.

So, if your restaurant markets to Gen Z, provide the internet as an amenity.

Reinvent customer experience with MENU TIGER

Given the tight competition among Koreatown restaurants in the area, look for ways to make your establishment stand out and differentiate itself from the rest.

Give guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience by integrating a QR code menu into your business. This online restaurant tool has many benefits it can offer your business—from streamlining operations to improving customer service.

Explore the features of  MENU TIGER and start a 14-day free trial to any of the subscription plans. You can also try the Freemium plan of the software.

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