How to make an ice cream shop business plan
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How To Make An Ice Cream Shop Business Plan

So, you plan on starting an ice cream business, but you’re still grasping for ideas on how you can do it the right way.

Here’s the best business tip for you: Start by making a solid ice cream shop business plan.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to just start an ice cream shop business without a good plan and goal. That would be very detrimental to you, your investors, and your brand.

A well-crafted business plan will help you guide your ice cream shop journey. Through this, you will better understand your target market, competitors, and costs and prepare your business for any upcoming recessions.

But making a good business plan from scratch can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why MENU TIGER, a professional QR code menu maker, is here to help you out.

How profitable is an ice cream shop?

Before you start dreaming about creamy cones and decadent sundaes, you first have to understand the financial landscape of an ice cream shop.

The good news? Ice cream is a timeless indulgence, and the market is often resilient, even in challenging times.

To get a better idea of whether or not your ice cream shop business venture will thrive, here are the factors you need to consider:

Quality and uniqueness

Like any food and beverage service or business, ice cream shops must also guarantee top-tier products.

According to a survey conducted by the Ice Cream Alliance, 80% of consumers prioritize flavor and quality when choosing ice cream.

Unique, artisanal flavors can set your shop apart, fostering customer loyalty and contributing to higher profit margins.

What you need to do is to make sure that you offer varieties in your food and drink menu that set you apart from your competitors and make you easily identifiable by your target market.

Location dynamics

The choice of location is not merely a logistical consideration, it’s a strategic investment in your shop’s profitability.

Ice cream shop location
Businessperson looking for ice cream shop location

According to a study by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), ice cream sales tend to be higher in areas with high foot traffic, such as parks or shopping centers.

Being able to understand how to choose a restaurant location for any food industry business ensures a constant flow of potential customers, which can significantly impact your profitability.

Pricing strategy

Crafting a pricing strategy requires a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior.

The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration found that pricing items just below whole numbers can increase sales. Think of all those banners and posters with bold prices like $2.99 instead of $3.00. 

This elaborate marketing and pricing scheme tricks customers into thinking they’re paying for your food at a lower price. 

Seasonal peaks and off-peaks

Recognizing the seasonality of ice cream consumption is vital for sustained profitability.

While warmer months witness a surge in demand, offering seasonal specialties during off-peak times, like winter, can mitigate seasonal downturns.

According to the National Ice Cream Retailers Association, successful shops strategically adapt their menus to cater to seasonal preferences, ensuring year-round profitability.

Diversification of offerings

Expanding your menu beyond traditional cones is a strategic move.

A report by Technomic revealed that consumer interest in alternative frozen desserts, like gelato or frozen yogurt, has been steadily rising.

Offering a variety of products such as milkshakes, ice cream cakes, and take-home pints not only caters to diverse tastes but also boosts overall profitability.

Efficient inventory management

The impact of efficient inventory management on profitability cannot be overstated.

Now, this is where you decide whether or not you’re going to manage your supplies manually or through tech tools you can find online.

Take Zapier integration for restaurants, for instance.

If you plan on adding this software to your ice cream shop workflow and management, you also need to elaborate on the advantages of having it around.

This helps your business partners and investors get a better idea of how well you’ll be able to handle the inflow and outflow of supplies.

Inventory management
A woman tracking ingredients and inventory

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), reducing food and beverage costs through effective inventory management can increase profit margins by 2-3%.

Negotiating favorable deals with suppliers, minimizing waste, and ensuring timely turnover contribute significantly to your overall financial health.

Market research insights

Investing in comprehensive market research is akin to having a treasure map to profitability.

Analyzing demographic data, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies enables precise decision-making.

A study by Nielsen in 2022 indicates that businesses leveraging market insights experienced a 30% increase in return on advertising spend.

Customer loyalty and retention

A loyal customer base is an invaluable asset. In a report published by Bond Brand Loyalty, 77% of consumers participate in loyalty programs, and 62% modify their spending to maximize loyalty benefits.

Implementing a robust customer loyalty program, personalized experiences, and responsive feedback mechanisms retain customers and drive repeat business, fostering long-term profitability.

Why is it important to make a business plan for ice cream shops?

You can’t just jump right into the business scene without being prepared to face the impending challenges.

Sure, menu engineering, software automation and integration, and even workflow streamlining are important.

But all these efforts will go to waste if you don’t know how to stabilize and maintain your business’ standing in the market.

With a good business plan, you’re guaranteed a well-planned and well-prepared business endeavor.

Ice cream shop business plan
A graphical representation of a business plan

Here are a few more reasons why you should not miss creating one for your ice cream business:

Strategic roadmap

It’s not just a document—it’s the GPS that helps you navigate the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, providing a clear roadmap for your business success.

You need to clearly outline your vision and goals, establishing a definitive direction for your business. So, this helps you make your ice cream shop ideas more than just a mere idea but a feasible business venture.

With a well-crafted plan, each step becomes deliberate, each decision a part of a larger purposeful journey.

Market insights

Understanding your market is not just beneficial, it’s imperative. Your business plan should be a treasure trove of market insights.

Dive deep into consumer preferences, analyze trends, and dissect the competitive terrain. 

It’s not just about selling ice cream; it’s about knowing the nuanced cravings of your audience and aligning your offerings accordingly.

Investor appeal

Your business plan is your opening act. It’s not just a pitch, and it’s a compelling story of potential returns and sweet success.

This means that if you’re seeking funding or partnerships, a business plan is your golden ticket.

Investors want to know they’re putting their money into a well-thought-out venture.

A comprehensive plan showcases your commitment, professionalism, and understanding of the ice cream business landscape, making your venture more enticing.

Risk mitigation

Entrepreneurship is an uncertain journey, but a business plan helps you navigate the risks.

By anticipating challenges and formulating contingency plans, you’re better prepared to handle the brain freezes that might come your way.

Before you even start your business, you need to identify potential risks, both internal and external, and develop strategies to mitigate them.

When identifying risks, you can swerve your way around those potential risks and drive your ice cream business toward your goal.

How do you start an ice cream business plan: An interactive restaurant menu software guide

Business plan ice cream shop
Group planning for an ice cream shop

Now that you know why having a business plan is important, you need to learn how to start making one.

Define your vision and mission

Start by outlining your ice cream shop ideas. You should at least be able to answer this: What sets you apart?

Your mission should reflect your love for ice cream and the experience you aim to provide your customers.

Market research and analysis

Dive into the specifics of the ice cream market in your chosen location. It pays to ask who your competitors are and what is currently trending.

Understanding your target audience and their preferences is vital for tailoring your offerings.

Choose a strategic location

As the saying goes, “Location, location, location.” 

A prime spot with high foot traffic can make a significant difference. Consider factors like accessibility, nearby attractions, and the overall vibe of the area.

It’s also important to note that the perfect location depends on how you’re going to operate your ice cream business. Do you plan on having a food truck? Rent a building? Or start up with a small stand?

Outline your product and service offerings

What flavors will tantalize taste buds at your ice cream shop? Will you offer specialized services like custom ice cream cakes or catering for events?

Determining your product and service offerings helps define your niche. Offer suitable ice cream food truck menu ideas, ice cream stand offerings, or pop-up shop daily specials.

Financial planning and projections

Crunch the numbers. Outline your initial investment, expected operational costs, and potential revenue streams.

In your calculations, you also need to include the forecasted total after adding tax rates to menu prices and other applicable surcharges.

Financial projections provide a roadmap, helping you navigate the financial aspects of your business.

Marketing and branding strategy

How will you make your ice cream shop known?

You can develop a marketing plan that includes social media strategies, collaborations, and promotions.

Your branding should resonate with your target audience, setting the tone for your shop.

Ice cream store business plan sample

Ice cream shop business plan template
Single-page ice cream shop business plan

7 elements of an ice cream shop business plan

Taking into consideration the business plan sample for the ice cream shop above, here’s more detailed information about what you need to include in the document:

Executive summary

Your executive summary is the appetizer to your business plan feast.

Usually, it includes the following:

  • Business Name: [Your Ice Cream Shop Name or Brand]
  • Mission Statement: [Concise statement outlining the purpose and values of your business]
  • Founding Date: [Month, Year]

Business description

This is where you dive deeper into the essence of your ice cream shop.

Under the company or business description, you will explain your concept and what makes your brand stand out.

Clarify your mission—why your ice cream shop exists and what experience you aim to provide.

This part incorporates the following:

  • Business Concept: [Brief description of your ice cream shop, including the types of products and services offered]
  • Vision: [Long-term goals and aspirations for the business]
  • Location: [Address and details of your ice cream shop’s physical location]

Marketing analysis

This is your chance to showcase your market savvy, proving you understand the dynamics that will drive your success.

Here’s how to fill out this part:

  • Target Market: [Detailed description of your target audience, including demographics and preferences]
  • Competitor Analysis: [Identification and analysis of key competitors in your area]
  • Industry Trends: [Overview of current trends in the ice cream industry]

Products and services

This section is your canvas; use it to showcase your masterpieces that will make your target customers line up at your door.

List your products and services with flair, and make sure to address the question, “What makes them stand out?” “What unique value do they bring?”

  • Ice Cream Flavors: [List of signature unique flavors offered]
  • Additional Offerings: [Mention any specialized products or services, such as custom ice cream cakes offering]

Marketing and sales strategy

Lay out your ice cream restaurant branding and marketing plan with a focus on diverse channels. From social media strategies to email campaigns, detail how you’ll create brand awareness.

Align your sales tactics with your target audience, ensuring your strategies resonate with potential customers.

Here you’ll need:

  • Branding: [Description of your brand identity, including logo, color schemes, and messaging]
  • Marketing Channels: [Outline your marketing plan, including social media, collaborations, and promotions]
  • Sales Tactics: [Strategies for driving sales, such as loyalty programs or seasonal discounts]

Operational plan

A smooth operation is the backbone of any successful enterprise.

In this section, outline the logistics of your business. Discuss the physical location, necessary facilities, and key equipment.

Elaborate more on your supply chain, ensuring its robustness and reliability.

Highlight staffing details, emphasizing the expertise and dedication of your team.

  • Location and Facilities: [Details about your shop’s physical space and any necessary facilities]
  • Suppliers: [List of suppliers for ice cream ingredients and other products]
  • Staffing: [Details on the number of staff, roles, and training programs]

Financial plan

Now, this is where you let the numbers do the talking.

Present a detailed breakdown of your own startup costs, projected expenses, and revenue streams.

Develop realistic financial projections for the next three to five years, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape.

This section is your financial compass, guiding your business toward sustainable profitability.

  • Startup Costs: [Breakdown of initial investment required]
  • Revenue Streams: [Explanation of how your business will generate income]
  • Financial Projections: [Forecasted income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the next 3-5 years]

Ice cream store business plan risk analysis

Acknowledge the inherent uncertainties of establishing an ice cream shop business with a meticulous risk analysis.

Identify potential risks and challenges that may arise. Formulate strategic plans for risk mitigation, showcasing your proactive approach to adversity.

A thorough risk analysis demonstrates foresight and preparedness, instilling confidence in potential investors and stakeholders.

Build your business plan for the ice cream shop the right way

So, you have the fundamental information about how you can create a solid ice cream shop business plan. You know what to put in there, what not to include, and who you’re making it for.

What happens next? Establishing your shop.

With MENU TIGER, a QR code menu software, you can streamline your workflow, inventory management, payment system, and order-taking.

This software helps you make your business plan actionable in the most convenient way possible.

You can check out the interactive software by creating an account for free!


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