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How to Order on a Menu QR Code: A Step-by-step Guide

Don’t know how to order on a menu QR code? Worry no more; here’s an easy-to-follow guide showing how to do so.

Many dining establishments have adopted digital menus to streamline their operations, and most restaurateurs believe this will be permanent. 

However, QR code technology could still be new to most people, and some who aren’t tech-savvy may find it hard to access and order from a restaurant’s QR code menu software.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the details: ordering on a digital menu and the benefits of having them.

How to order on a menu QR code: benefits for restaurants and customers

Before delving right into the technicalities of the steps in restaurant ordering through QR code menus, here are the benefits you can get out of using this smart menu:

Scanning a QR code menu
View digital menu by scanning the code

Serve more customers 

Having a QR code based restaurant menu reduces your staff’s workload because they won’t need to list orders and bring them to the kitchen.

When customers order online, kitchen workers will receive notifications about incoming orders. 

This QR code technology will help turn the table faster, allowing you to serve more customers and even earn more tips from satisfied guests.

Easy-to-access menu

A menu QR code can let customers instantly access your menu and browse food items. They only need their smartphones and a WiFi connection to scan for menus.

Most smartphones—especially the latest models—now have QR scanners integrated into their cameras, while others also come with a native scanner app.

Customers using older phones without built-in scanners can easily install a third-party QR menu scanner app to scan the code. 

Give precise orders

A digital menu QR code allows you to display more important information about the dish than a physical menu, such as a food description, possible allergens, preparation time, and others.

This also reduces the likelihood of miscommunication because customers can leave instructions on the system, eliminating the chance that waitstaff will overlook important information.

Edit with ease

Editing a printed menu will take significant time and effort because you must reprint them. 

On the contrary, a QR code menu is much easier to modify on the fly. You can update the price, allergen warnings, food description, and item availability on various devices.

As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can update your online menus on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone—a faster and more efficient menu editing process.

How to order with MENU TIGER’s digital menu QR code 

Follow these steps in restaurant ordering with QR code menu:

1. Open the camera app on your mobile device and hold it over the paperless menu QR code

Scanning menu QR code
Easy scanning using the camera app

2. Once redirected to the restaurant menu or ordering page, browse and choose from the list of food categories. 

Browse a digital menu
Browse and choose orders from mobile devices

Note: You can also input your favorite dish on the search bar to find them easily.

3. Click the item you’re going to purchase. Once you click the item, you can see its necessary details 

Food item details
View each item's food details

4. Choose from the list of modifier options. 

Note: Some items have required modifiers. This means you must select at least one before you can proceed.

5. Leave special instructions on your dish to inform the cook about any allergy you may have. 

Special instruction on your dish
Write special instructions on your dish

Note: This action is optional.

6. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign to set the item quantity.

Set item quantity
Set the item quantity

7. Next, hit Add item to cart.

Add item to cart
Add your chosen items to carts

8. Once you’ve added all the items you will purchase, go to your cart.

Items on cart
View your items on the cart.

9. Give tips by clicking your preferred percentage or inputting the desired amount.

Tipping option
Option for giving tips online

10. Hit the Place order button.

Place order button
Place your order

11. Choose your preferred payment method.

Choose payment method
Choose your preferred payment method

12. Track the status of your order. You will receive a notification as soon as it’s ready.

Track status of orders
Monitor the progress of your order

MENU TIGER: Key features of the best QR code for restaurant menu

1. Printer integration for efficient BOH operations

MENU TIGER now offers printer integration for restaurant menu QR codes. With this new product, you will have smooth back-of-house operations.

This will help you not miss any orders because you will have complete control over printing customers’ receipts as soon as they place them.

Customers also won’t have to wait long to get their proof of purchase.

2. Set optional and modifier options to increase sales

MENU TIGER lets diners see all the options to customize dishes, such as add-ons, upgrades, sides, and preferred cooking temperatures.

This also benefits you, as it can maximize your customers’ total order value. With a modifier on the online menu, it paves the way for a streamlined restaurant order system

3. Order, revenue, and customer analytics 

Having access to data on orders, revenue, and customer analytics doesn’t just help you make data-based decisions for your business improvement and growth.

You’ll be able to learn more about your customers, helping you understand and meet their needs.

You also have the option to view the data daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also download such data as a CSV file for your convenience.

4. Manage multiple stores in one software account

Efficiently manage your stores and track their sales and revenue with this feature of MENU TIGER.

You only need to know how to add admins and users to your stores and assign them to each store so it will be easier to monitor each store’s performance. 

And for your information, adding a store to your account is free.

5. Run multiple promo deals on the restaurant website

MENU TIGER’s interactive QR code restaurant menu allows you to run several promotions on the restaurant website.

It’s easy and convenient because you can control the date and time when to start and stop displaying the promotion. 

You only need to choose what type of promotion you will implement, and you can automatically run your promotions once you’ve filled out the required details.

MENU TIGER: A reliable QR code for your menu

Diners today should know how to order on a menu QR code since many restaurants have switched to this technology. 

This contactless technology can include more than just showing the menu items you offer. It can also receive orders, payments, and tips online, leading to organized back-of-house operations. 

MENU TIGER provides your customers with the option to scan for a menu that’s compact with valuable features for easy ordering, receiving payments, and generating customer checks.

With this software, your restaurant will have exceptional automated services and boost operational efficiency. 

Subscribe to MENU TIGER’s freemium plan today and integrate QR codes into your restaurant.


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