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5 Best Online Food Ordering Software for Restaurants

Food ordering software has become indispensable for restaurants to meet customer expectations, manage online orders, and enhance the overall dining experience. 

The New World of Consumer Behavior: Restaurants 2022 revealed that 57% of diners find it nice if a restaurant offers takeout or delivery, and 8% of respondents said they would only consider a restaurant that offers takeout and delivery.

If you’re from the hospitality industry and have yet to implement a restaurant online food order system, you are already missing out on some opportunities to expand your business.

Get started and find the ordering software you can incorporate for your business.

What is a food ordering software?

This technology is a digital solution allowing customers to place orders directly from a restaurant’s website or mobile app through their smartphones.

This ordering tool comes in many forms, from web-based platforms to QR code menu solutions.

This smart restaurant technology streamlines the entire ordering process, from food item selection to payment, making it a convenient experience for customers and staff.

It also comes with insightful analytics and reporting features that provide restaurateurs with valuable insights into customer preferences, order patterns, and sales trends.

These data can help make informed business decisions, such as optimizing menus, identifying popular items, or adjusting pricing strategies.

Investing in the right food ordering software has a huge impact on the success and growth of your restaurant. You must carefully assess the options and select the best for your business.

Choose the right software provider by looking closely at its features and ensuring compatibility with your specific needs and goals.

5 online food ordering software for restaurants

Check out our top five choices of great restaurant contactless ordering applications that can bring out the best in your restaurant operations:


MENU TIGER ordering software
Easy ordering using MENU TIGER digital menu

MENU TIGER is one of the best digital menu QR code software optimized for different types and sizes of restaurants. It offers affordably-priced plans with a multitude of advanced features.

This smart restaurant technology offers dine-in ordering through its customizable QR code and online food order system for pick-up with the shareable URL of its built-in restaurant website. 

MENU TIGER’s online digital menu is conveniently editable; you can update the menu’s content—item description, price, availability—on a desktop or tablet.

Restaurant order management is easier because you can integrate MENU TIGER with your POS system. You can also integrate with MENU TIGER’s printing software for easy back-of-house operations.

Other important integrations include Canva, Zapier, and mobile payment channels like PayPal and Stripe. These integrations can help automate transactions and workflows to boost operations efficiently.

Other noteworthy features of MENU TIGER include:

  • easy management of multiple store in one account
  • customization for your QR code menu
  • customer surveys for feedback generation
  • support for multi-language translation
  • order, revenue, and customer analytics
  • white label feature (customize your own domain)
  • 24-hour customer support

Saba F&B ordering

Saba is a digital menu app that provides a new level of convenience by allowing customers to browse the menu and place orders with their mobile devices anywhere. 

This restaurant and food ordering software allows restaurants to create editable menus and upsell offers. Its language-inclusive software also lets guests view the menu in their native language. 

Guests can access the app by scanning a QR code and browsing the menu options without feeling rushed to order.


Upserve is an online ordering software built for all types and sizes of restaurants. This food ordering software system comes with payments, analytics, and marketing tools designed specifically for restaurants.

It has a reputation for being easy to implement and use. It allows guests to search for items, saving them time and energy.

Other features of Upserve include easy menu editing, multi-lingual support, and payment integration.


MenuDrive is an online food order management system for restaurants that integrates ordering, delivery, marketing, and analytics.

They have a customizable online ordering site with multiple restaurant website templates. You can add your logo and feature food photos for more visual appeal.

Menudrive can also help you get more orders with its analytics, where you get insights about which items to promote.

And using its retention features like loyalty and coupons, you can attract customers to revisit your store.


Restolabs is an online restaurant ordering system and management platform offering a wide range of streamlined features. 

The platform provides real-time updates, allowing restaurants to easily add or remove menu items and modify prices.

It also integrates seamlessly with various payment gateways, enabling secure online transactions. And with its user-friendly interface, restaurants can efficiently manage their online ordering operations.

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Ordering Services that the MENU TIGER QR code menu software offers

MENU TIGER is a digital menu solution that provides a range of ordering services designed to streamline takeaway and dine-in processes.

Let’s explore the ordering services it provides and see how you can integrate it into your business:

Takeaway ordering within the website menu

MENU TIGER offers takeaway orders on the restaurant website, which customers can access through its URL or by scanning your website’s customizable URL QR code.

This built-in restaurant website is easy to set up and customize; no coding is needed.

Once customers access the website menu, they can view the restaurant’s featured items, chef’s specials, and special promotions and deals.

Dine-in ordering through the QR code menu

MENU TIGER offers dine-in ordering through scannable QR codes optimized for smartphones and tablets, so it’s easily accessible for customers.

Once the customers scan the QR code, it redirects them to the restaurant’s online menu, where they can browse items and settle payments online. 

Customers can pay in cash or through online payment channels like PayPal or Stripe—which also enables Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To enable takeaway and QR code ordering, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Stores on your admin panel.
  2. Select the restaurant outlet where you will offer the takeaway/dine-in ordering options.
  3. On the right-hand menu tab, locate and click on Ordering Options.
  4. Slide the toggle option to Enable Takeaway.
  5. Hit the toggle beside Enable dine-in to activate the feature.

Benefits of having an online restaurant ordering system

Contactless digital menu
Order at the table with online menu

Restaurant owners must embrace technology to stay competitive, especially with the rise of food delivery services and the increasing demand for convenience. 

If you’re still on the fence about implementing an online food ordering system for your restaurant, let’s take a closer look at the benefits that await you:

Provide a convenient ordering system

Food ordering management system provides convenience and has a huge impact on customers’ purchasing decisions. Approximately 59% of millennials prefer to place takeout or delivery orders at restaurants.

This shows that customers, particularly in this age group, increasingly prioritize convenience when making purchases and want restaurants to deliver creative solutions to save them time and effort.

Simply put, if your restaurant has a strong digital ordering experience, there’s a high probability that customers will choose you over others.

Have efficient restaurant order management

Efficiency is the key to running a successful business, and with restaurant ordering software, you can significantly improve your order management process.

This technology is built to automate the ordering process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that you take customer orders accurately and promptly.

In fact, recent food delivery statistics reported that food ordering apps saw an increase in downloads by 20% year over year because customers preferred the convenience offered by these software.

To sum it up, whether it’s dine-in, takeout, or delivery orders, this intuitive technology enables seamless communication between the front and back of the house, improving order accuracy.

Grow your bottom line

Intuitive ordering software can impact a restaurant’s bottom line by increasing revenue. One great way to do this is by offering online ordering options to your customers.

Tap into a larger market by allowing online food delivery or food pick-ups. 

With the convenience of ordering from the comfort of their home or offices, customers are more likely to choose your restaurant over your competitors.

Save money

Automating the ordering process with a food ordering management system can reduce labor costs associated with taking orders over the phone or at the front counter.

Having your own online ordering software also eliminates the need for third-party delivery services, which often charge hefty commissions. You can retain a higher percentage of your profits. 

This cost-saving measure can significantly impact your profit margins, allowing you to reinvest in other areas of your business.

Access to customer data

Using the best online ordering system for your restaurant helps you gather information about customer behaviors, preferences, and order histories. 

Knowing these crucial consumer insights can assist you in making smarter business decisions, such as tailoring your menu to cater to popular items or implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

Additionally, access to customer data lets you personalize the ordering experience. 

You can offer personalized recommendations, send targeted promotions, and even implement loyalty programs to increase customer retention.

Understanding your customers better can build stronger relationships and encourage repeat business.

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Choose the best online food order system for your restaurant

When choosing the right food ordering software for your business, you must look closely at its features and functionality.

MENU TIGER is the wisest choice among the options above. With its comprehensive range of features like marketing tools, analytics, ordering services, and relevant integrations, this platform makes all the difference.

Choose MENU TIGER QR code menu software today. Subscribe to our premium plan to make the most of our advanced features.

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