Dashboard QR Code vs Table QR Code Which Should You Use?
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Dashboard QR Code vs Table QR Code: Which Should You Use?

If your customers are still routed to a login page every time they use your QR code menu to place an order, then it’s high time you use your MENU TIGER account to its full potential.

And you’ll wonder, “What’s going on? This should have been an easier ordering process.” Yes, it should have been.

What’s happening is you might be using your dashboard’s default QR code rather than the personalized table QR code.

Okay? What’s the difference between the dashboard QR code vs table QR code, then? 

Quite a lot, actually. And we’re here to discuss them elaborately. After this, you’ll be able to address your customers’ constant complaints every time they use your digital menu to order. 

Now, let’s get you onboard.

What is the difference between the QR code versions?

First up, let’s break down how each QR code menu differs. In essence, the dashboard and table QR codes vary in their specific locations, functionality, and customization options.

Location: Where can you find the QR codes in your MENU TIGER dashboard?

Dashboard QR code menu
MENU TIGER dashboard QR code location

The dashboard QR code is found directly on your MENU TIGER dashboard, which you can access right after you log in. It got the moniker for that obvious reason.

It’s within your personalized banner. Simply click the QR code icon to view it, access the customization tools, and locate the download button. 

Beside the icon is the link to your digital menu QR code, which is also the exact same link embedded in the dashboard QR code.

On the other hand, you can locate the table QR code by following these steps:

Table QR code menu
MENU TIGER table QR code location
  1. Head over to the left-hand side menu and click Stores.
  2. Select the specific store or branch—if you’re running a multi-store or multi-location restaurant—to view the selections. 

If your MENU TIGER account lets you handle one store (or restaurant), it will automatically lead you to the store’s settings tab.

  1. Under the Tables tab is the list of your restaurant’s tables, each having its own copy of the customizable table QR.
  2. Tap the QR code icon to reveal the table QR code.

Customization: Can you customize them? If so, how?

Yes, both the dashboard QR and table QR code menus are customizable since both are of the dynamic QR code type. But the difference is where you can locate the tools for each code. 

Here’s how to customize a menu QR code out of your dashboard:

Dashboard QR code menu customization
How to customize the dashboard QR code
  1. Click the QR code icon on the personalized MENU TIGER user banner to open the QR.
  2. Click the Customize button.
  3. The customization options will appear. You can upload your restaurant’s logo, edit the patterns, set the colors, and add a frame.
Editable dashboard menu QR code
Dashboard QR code customization tools

When personalizing your table menu QR code, here’s the step-by-step guide:

Table QR code customization
How to customize the table QR code
  1. Click Stores on the left-hand side menu.

For multi-store restaurants: Select the specific store you’d like to access. 

  1. Tap the Tables tab. Click the Customize QR button.
  2. The QR code customization page will pop up. This is where you can upload a logo, edit the QR patterns, set the colors, and add a frame.
Editable table QR code menu
Table QR code menu customization tools

Note: For multi-store MENU TIGER accounts, you have the liberty to customize your table QR codes differently for each store. So, for instance, your main branch might display a dark-themed menu QR while branch two might be clad with a pastel QR code menu.

This helps you establish a diverse restaurant theme and align better with your restaurant branding strategies.

Function: How does each of them work?

Both of the QR codes work as a portal to your digital menu. Both of them are also accessible through a single phone scan, whether through the camera app or through third-party QR code scanners. Both are also easily customizable.

So, there’s no need for you to wonder how to scan a menu like this or how to customize them because it’s quite intuitive.

Now, here’s the catch: the dashboard QR menu is used for promotional or marketing purposes. This is the QR menu that you should use if you want to collect your customers’ email since it requires a login process before your customers can complete an order.

Digital restaurant menu login
Sample login page of MENU TIGER account

You can use the accumulated emails to generate a strong email list that you can use for your newsletters.

On the contrary, this login process is unavailable in the table QR code menu. This means that your customers can settle their orders quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a go-to option that guarantees faster ordering and satisfies your beloved customers, this is it.

How to maximize your dashboard QR code menu

As mentioned, dashboard QR best works if you aim to use your menu as a marketing tool. You can print this type of QR code in your paper advertisements, post them on social media, or display them for commercial purposes.

Once scanned by the onlookers, they can place an order via mobile devices and enter their email address. The email addresses will then be recorded on your MENU TIGER account.

And as we already stated, you can use the email list for your newsletters to keep in touch with your customers.

This fosters customer retention, boosts brand awareness, and drives sales.

Ultimately, this is the partner for businesses who want to boost their marketing strategies.

GIF Banner Menu Tiger for generic banner 5

How to maximize your table QR code menu

As business owners, you always have your customers’ best interests in mind. You’ll surely want your restaurant to be as customer-centric as possible, making their experience top-notch.

Consequently, this will help you build a good reputation and strong customer relationships. Plus, you can leverage from word of mouth marketing since your guests will potentially promote your place to friends and family, too.

To elaborate, here are the top reasons why you can significantly improve your customers’ experience by simply using the table menu QR code:

No customer login required

This smart menu QR code version is designed to make restaurant ordering a breeze. This means your customers can proceed with their orders without being bombarded by the login page.

If you think this is just a slight difference, then think again.

Customers all want the same thing when they walk inside your restaurant—to be served good food and service in the quickest way possible. Now, if you offer them a tool that’s supposed to expedite their ordering process but end up landing on a login page before they can complete their orders, imagine how they would react.

Why do I need to enter my email when I just came here to eat?

That’s the most possible response. And that also translates to a frustrated customer. You don’t want a frustrated customer.

The table QR code addresses this common pain point in smart menu usage. This food ordering software feature cuts the login process and provides a faster ordering experience.

Maximize MENU TIGER’s hot action feature

Restaurant waiter call button system
MENU TIGER's hot action feature

Last 2023, MENU TIGER software released a feature similar to the restaurant waiter call button system from famous fast food chains.

Through this, customers no longer have to wait minutes to get a restaurant staff’s attention for quick requests and other additional services.

All they have to do is scan the table QR code to launch the digital menu on their phones, tap the Request button on the lower right corner, and choose the request or service they want.

You’ll get a notification on your MENU TIGER dashboard. Once opened, you can check where the requests came from and prompt your staff to immediately provide service.

Track and manage table orders

It’s called table QR code for a reason. They are placed on your restaurant’s tables so that when your customers are seated, they can immediately scan to order on your menu.

What makes QR codes on table more appealing is it makes order tracking a lot easier.

You can check which table the orders are coming from, allowing your staff to serve the guests accordingly.

What’s great about these two QR code menus?

Discussing the advantages you’ll get after using these two MENU TIGER QR codes deserves a whole different article. So, we’ll cut it short and direct.

Provides assistance to your staff

Smart menu QR codes became a huge hit for a reason. Not only are they reliable in offering a seamless experience to customers and owners, but they are also great in offering assistance to restaurant operations.

This helps your staff to work more efficiently. They don’t have to tackle the tasks that your menu QR code can do, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

In the long run, integrating this tool will boost your staff’s morale. And when your employees are getting the best work experience, they are more likely to stay longer and serve better.

Helps implement reasonable prices

QR codes indirectly help with reasonable prices. However, they provide multiple factors that will help you provide competitive menu pricing in the industry.

They cut printing costs, allowing restaurants to absorb some price bumps. They also enable real-time updates to reflect current ingredient costs. Plus, data from QR menus helps with menu engineering, where high-profit dishes subsidize lower-priced options.

GIF Banner Menu Tiger for generic banner 4

Dashboard QR code vs Table QR code: What’s your pick?

In all honesty, we can’t really highlight one QR code menu version and downplay the other because both are designed for different purposes.

Your choice should solely depend on the reason why you’d like to use it. If you want reinforcement for your restaurant marketing ideas or strategies, go ahead and deploy the dashboard QR code.

But if you aim to provide better service and boost your customer satisfaction rate, then you should really be using the table QR code.

There is no right or wrong answer. Their effectiveness mostly depends on your execution.

If you think you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time, go to MENU TIGER and log into your account. Better late than never. Time to get it right this time around.

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