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Adding Choices And Add-ons To Your Online Menu

Are you looking to spice up your menu? Take it to the next level by adding more choices and add-ons to your online menu. 

This amazing feature allows you to cater to various customer preferences, enhancing their dining experience and boosting your restaurant revenue.

With MENU TIGER’s QR code menu software, you can effortlessly expand your offerings without overwhelming your customers. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of incorporating choices and add-ons into your menu, and we’ll explore the fantastic benefits that come along with it.

How to add choices and add-ons to your online menu with MENU TIGER?

First, you must create a digital menu QR code through MENU TIGER software to add options and side dishes. After that, you can add modifier options to create a more efficient digital menu.

Here’s a seven-step easy guide to show you how to do this:

1. Generate a modifier group 

Generating modifier group
Creating a modifier group with MENU TIGER

Using the admin panel in MENU TIGER QR code menu, navigate to Menu and select Modifiers

Click on the Add, then provide a name for your add-on group.

Adding modifier under food section
Choosing modifier under MENU TIGER Food section

Note: You can also add modifier groups under the Food selection.

2. Choose a modifier group type

Choosing a modifier group type
Selecting modifier group type with MENU TIGER

Choose between the two modifier group types that will appear on your QR code menu: optional or required. 

For optional modifier groups, click the Optional button to include non-compulsory items. 

For required modifier groups, select the Required button for necessary modifiers.

3. Specify the forced minimum and maximum values for each order 

Selecting forced minimum and maximum
Putting minimum and maximum values for modifier

Ensure the force minimum value is at least 1, while the force maximum value depends on the modifier types you plan to include in the group. 

Here’s an example: If your customers can add up to 2 sauces to their orders, input 1 for force minimum value and 2 for force maximum value. 

For options that require only 1 per order—like upsizing drinks or choosing steak doneness—input a force minimum and force maximum value of 1.

4. Enable or disable adding the same choice multiple times 

Same choices added multiple times
Allowing to add same options multiple times

Click the Allow adding the same choice multiple times checkbox so your customers can pick a modifier from the Optional or Required modifier groups more than once per order.

5. List down choices and add-ons 

Listing choices and add ons
Grouping choices and add-ons by the modifier

Name your food modifiers list and click Add. Then, input all your modifiers, choices, and add-ons. Add as much as you want.

6. Set your prices

Setting prices for each modifiers
Adding prices for each choice and add-on

7. Click Save

Saving the created modifier group
Save to create a modifier group

Tips for implementing choices and add-ons to your online menu

Implementing choices and add ons
Integrating choices and add-ons for your menu

Here are five tips for implementing choices and add-ons to your digital smart menu that can help boost your sales and enhance customer satisfaction:

Careful selection of items to offer as choices or add-ons 

It’s important to consider what would be a good fit for your menu and what customers would be interested in. 

Include choices and add-ons in the food menu that complement your main dish or core menu options. 

Note that these add-ons should enhance your customers’ dining experience by providing additional flavors, textures, or customization options for their orders.

If you offer burgers, consider adding choices for different kinds of cheese or toppings like bacon or avocado. 

Also, you may offer a variety of sauces, toppings, or sides that can pair well with your main courses to increase customer satisfaction and encourage upselling.

Strategic pricing of choices and add-ons menu to entice customers

In addition to selecting the right items, pricing is crucial to making choices and add-ons appealing to customers.

Consider pricing your add-ons in the food menu in a way that’s attractive to customers and profitable for your business. 

You can offer add-ons at different price points to cater to various budgets and preferences. 

Think about adding premium add-ons for customers willing to spend more unique or indulgent options and more affordable add-ons for those seeking value.

Thoughtful organization and presentation of menu add-ons

Adding choices and add-ons to your online menu requires organizing and presenting, which can make a big difference in how customers engage with them.

Make sure they’re visually appealing and differentiated from the main menu options. 

Consider grouping them in a separate section or highlighting them with a different color or font.

Extensive staff training so they can promote choices and add-ons to customers

Equip your staff with the knowledge and training to suggest add-ons during customer interactions.

Encourage them to highlight the benefits or pairings of add-ons with the main dishes. 

They should be able to answer questions about the items and provide recommendations based on the customer’s preferences. 

Consider offering incentives to staff members who successfully upsell add-ons to customers.

Regular tests and feedback gathering from customers and staff

Constructive criticism plays a huge role in the improvement and success of any business. You must ensure that your choices and add-ons menu offerings stay up-to-date and meet your customers’ needs. 

By asking for their opinions and thoughts, you can gain valuable insights into what menu items are a hit and which need some tweaking. 

Remember to involve your staff in this process as well. They are on the front lines daily and can provide valuable feedback on what’s working and what could be improved. 

By making adjustments based on this feedback, you can offer a menu your customers will love and keep returning for more.

Benefits of offering choices and add-ons in the restaurant menu

Offering choices and add ons
Using MENU TIGER's choices and add-ons

Presenting options and add-ons on your smart online menu helps keep your customers happy and can lead to a range of benefits for your business. 

So, what are the advantages of including choices and add-ons on your online menu?

Catering to individual tastes and preferences 

More and more people are following specific diets or lifestyle choices, so your menu should be flexible enough to accommodate their unique demands.

By offering a range of options, such as vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, you can ensure that your customers have something they can enjoy.

And by offering various options, you can cater to a broader range of tastes and preferences, ultimately leading to more customers returning to your restaurant.

Appealing to customers with dietary restrictions or allergies

Alongside catering to specific diets, offering choices or providing add-ons in the restaurant menus can also help appeal to customers with dietary restrictions or allergies. 

Labeling dishes suitable for those with specific requirements makes it easier for these customers to decide and feel confident that they can safely enjoy your food.

This also shows your commitment to their needs and can help to build trust and loyalty. 

Customers would feel appreciated and valued and are more likely to leave positive reviews, recommend your restaurant to friends and family, and return for future visits.

Creating a customized experience for customers 

You can create a customized experience that differentiates you from competitors by offering different food category choices under your restaurant menu

For example, if your restaurant specializes in burgers, you can offer different types of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, veggie) and toppings (lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese). 

By allowing customers to mix and match, you will enable them to create unique burgers while maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Encouraging repeat business from satisfied customers 

Offering options allows customers to explore and try new things, which can lead to more discoveries and increased loyalty. 

Additionally, satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive reviews, which can lead to more business overall.

Upselling opportunities for high-profit items

Add-ons give you a chance to present your customers with high-profit items. You can encourage your customers to buy more through suggestive selling items complimenting their dishes.
Moreover, add-ons provide a fantastic way of upselling food items without being too pushy.

Encouraging customers to try new menu options

Customers might be hesitant to try a new menu item, but if you offer an add-on that complements the dish— like a side of garlic bread with pasta— they may be more likely to try it. 

Use add-ons strategically to entice customers to try new menu items and improve the overall variety of dishes that your customers order.

Creating a more personalized experience for customers 

Adding menu add-ons can create a more personalized customer experience as they can tailor their orders to their tastes. 

This can help build strong relationships with customers who appreciate the ability to customize their orders and feel like they’re getting exactly what they want.


MENU TIGER: The best smart menu software to streamline ordering processes

It’s a given that customers have varying tastes and preferences. That’s why there is no single recipe for a perfect dish that satisfies every customer. 

But as a restaurant owner, you can always provide choices and add-ons to your online menu to enable your customers to personalize their orders according to their liking. 

With MENU TIGER, you can seamlessly create the best smart menu with add-ons and choices that cater to your customers’ diverse preferences. 

Plus, you can enjoy 14-day complimentary access to any of its paid subscription plans without providing any credit card information. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your restaurant’s online presence and make your menu more customer-friendly with MENU TIGER QR code menu software.

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