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California Restaurant Month 2023

California Restaurant Month is an excellent opportunity for food enthusiasts to discover new restaurants and enjoy meals at discounted prices.

This event is great news for restaurateurs as this can boost their food business’ sales and popularity among diners.

Offer several package meals, showcase food specials, host sommelier events, and extend profitable deals during this month-long event.

A QR code menu software can help restaurants operate smoothly during this busy event. This will enable you to manage your menu efficiently, give customers better food options, and boost staff productivity—a crucial factor for your business growth. 

Keep reading to discover more ideas for seamlessly pulling off this strategy.

How to get the most out of California restaurant month?

Offer a worthwhile prix fixe menu inclusion

Stand out from the crowd by offering unique dishes. Update your food and drink menu by adding different prix fixe courses such as chicken and fish dishes and vegan options. 

You can also introduce new dishes to your prix fixe menu to test whether customers love them.

Making a worthwhile prix-fixe menu with a good selection of dishes at a reasonable price can encourage customers to dine again at your restaurant.

Update your QR code menu offerings

Reinvent your menu and offer special meals. Start by featuring your chef’s signature dishes, then label your new and best-selling items on the menu. 

You may also display a promotional banner on essential food sales highlighting a special deal where first-time customers get a free dessert for their first meal.

This way, it will be easier to direct customers’ attention to such items, influencing their purchasing decisions and significantly impacting your business’ profitability. 

Surpass customer’s expectations

Expect a surge of first-time customers in your restaurant during this period. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to create an excellent first impression. 

Establish a welcoming atmosphere by having staff greet customers with a warm smile. And also, make sure the place is well–maintained, with good lighting and incredible decorations. 

If you’re running a fine dining restaurant, this will significantly impact customers’ first impressions, which might make them return and recommend your restaurant to others. 

Team up with a local business

Identify potential businesses that would make good partners and have a similar target audience as yours; it could be a local winery or brewery. 

This move will hugely help in promoting local products to more people. And also, collaborating with a local business can elevate your brand, increase revenue, and build a stronger bond with other businesses in the community. 

Make customers’ dining experience convenient with a QR code menu

Creating a digital menu using MENU TIGER sure has its way of making customers’ dining experiences better. This technological innovation is just the right tool you need because it is packed with features that will help you achieve your goals. 

To know the ways how MENU TIGER can give customers a remarkable experience, see the following: 

1. Customers can customize their orders 

The QR code menu has features that allow customers to customize their orders and choose from various food modifiers. 

Customers may opt to upgrade their meals or choose add-ons for their food and drinks. Those who usually take time to decide what other item to pair their current orders with can select from the recommended menu items. 

With a digital menu, customers can tailor their meals to their preferences and dietary needs, increasing their satisfaction. 

2.Better food details

Being transparent with the ingredients sourcing, allergen contents, and nutritional information is vital for customers to make the best choice. 

The QR-powered digital tablet menu will help you deliver much-needed transparency to customers with its features, where you can include potential allergens and information about the sources of the ingredients (if they are locally sourced or imported).

Moreover, it also allows you to write food descriptions (which you can edit anytime) and add images—giving customers more details about the food item.

Reflecting relevant food information on the online menu will help customers make informed choices. 

3. Fast and efficient ordering and payment system

California Restaurant Month is a busy time for restaurants as they’ll surely be flocked with people, and they may need to increase their workforce to accommodate the constant flow of customers. 

However, if you have a QR code based restaurant menu, you no longer need to hire more staff to take customers’ orders because it has a self-ordering feature and can accept online payments. 

This means fewer tasks to cover, which improves work efficiency and increases productivity. 

4. Instant internet connectivity with a WiFi QR code 

More diners prefer going to establishments that offer free WiFi. This amenity helps keep customers entertained as they wait for their orders. 

Save customers’ time by eliminating the need to ask for and type long and complicated passwords with a WiFi QR code. You can create one when using the interactive restaurant menu QR code.

They must scan the QR code with their mobile device, and they can automatically access your WiFi network.

Why should fine dining restaurants participate in this month-long celebration?

Increased exposure

Participating in California Restaurant Month is a great time to showcase your offering to a wider audience. And since local media outlets often promote this event, it can help you increase brand exposure and bring more attention to your restaurant. 

Maximize sales

More customers dining means more sales. Offering special menus, discounts, and promotions during this event will drive more sales and profits.

Support the local community

Partnering with local businesses and vendors can contribute to the community’s economic growth. It would also help them promote their products and build a stronger relationship with them.

Attract new customers 

California Restaurant Month gives you a chance to wow customers with your food and service, and if they have a positive experience, they might come back or even become regulars.

Romantic restaurants in California

California is said to be home to world-class and talented chefs from around the globe. 

There are many dining places you must stop by for a bite of their specialty, like the Koreatown restaurants in LA. But if you are in California and looking for a romantic place to dine, we’ve got you covered.  

Chart House 

Looking for a place for a romantic dinner? You should consider Chart House.

Chart house

It is a popular destination to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries because of its stunning sunset view and fine dining atmosphere.

This Monterey, California restaurant features a daily selection of fresh fish, fine wines and whiskies, and indulgent desserts. You can choose from their luscious and famous entrees, such as Shrimp Fresca, Roasted Prime Rib, and Snapper Hemingway. 

To end your meal, don’t forget to try their original Chocolate Lava Cake. 


Sant’olina is a California restaurant you must visit when you are in California.

Located atop Beverly Hilton, Sant’olina offers beautiful night scenery perfect for romantic dates. They have healthy menu offerings packed with vibrant herbs and spices made by their renowned chefs.


It is also an ideal place to stop for brunch because they have delicious babka French toast and brisket Benedict. Other must-try dishes of Sant’olina are fresh hummus, chicken schnitzel sandwiches, and fired-to-order laffa.

Pacific Coast Grill 

Pacific Coast Grill’s oceanfront venue is an amazing place to dine while witnessing a beautiful sunset. It has two levels of bars, a deck, and a patio with a spectacular ocean view.

Pacific coast grill

Their menu offerings include a list of seafood choices, sushi rolls, shrimp dumplings with port wine sauce, West Coast oysters on the half shell, the Cardiff reef roll, and mouthwatering steaks. 

While enjoying your meal, you can watch surfers, dolphins, whales, and lovely sunsets.

Bacari Silver Lake 

Bacari Silverlake is a Venetian-inspired restaurant serving hot and cold plate dishes such as shrimp ceviche, shawarma tacos, and a bowl of Prince Edward Island mussels. 

Bacari Silver Lake

This restaurant is built around a giant ficus tree. It has a beautiful main garden and a spacious area that exudes a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere—indeed, a romantic restaurant for night dates.

Have a successful California Restaurant Month celebration with MENU TIGER

Taking part in California restaurant month is an excellent chance for restaurants to showcase their special offerings and gain access to a new customer base. It could be a lot of work, but it’s also fun and rewarding. 

Take advantage of this chance to give new customers a remarkable impression with automated services using a QR code menu. It will assist you in delivering an excellent dining experience and efficient services. 

Go to MENU TIGER today and start your 14-day free trial on the Premium plan. No credit cards are required.

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