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How to Use a QR Code Menu for Black Friday Restaurant Deals

Black Friday restaurant deals are coming in hot with big discounts and vouchers! If you’re a restaurant owner, take advantage of this chance to promote your restaurant picks for Black Friday.

Restaurants can use different strategies to boost their business’s presence and sales for this annual holiday, but one of the best ways is through the menu since every customer looks at it in one way or another.

A QR code menu software can offer a great impression to customers, and a chance to promote Black Friday deals without reprinting a special menu for the occasion. It’s also an excellent integration to update the menu selections during the celebration.

So, how can restaurant owners promote their Black Friday deals through QR codes? Here are a few examples.

Showcase restaurant Black Friday deals on the interactive menu

Black friday menu QR code

Add restaurant Black Friday deals to your menu to celebrate this annual event.

What’s great about using an interactive menu is that, as a restaurateur, you don’t have to reprint another set of physical menus. You only have to update the interactive menu QR code to include these deals.

A personalized dashboard within the software can showcase the best food deals today in just a few steps.

Your restaurant can customize the order of the contactless digital menu to show the deals at the top. This ensures maximum visibility of the deals whenever people scan to order.

Limited-time promos

With a menu QR code that can regularly update according to the time of the day, you can dish out more vouchers during a limited period.

Once downtime strikes offer a discount to encourage more customers to dine or order takeaway. This can automatically trigger once you set the time. Prices can also revert to regular automatically once the period ends.

Since more people order during this time, it can increase the store’s sales performance. A menu QR code is also relatively low-cost to run even for your promo, giving better returns on the investment.

Update your QR code menu in real-time

Some ingredients can quickly get out of stock on busy days like Black Friday because of increased customer demand. If this ever happens, you’ll need to update your menu.

Update interactive menu QR code

Restaurant management can cross-check the inventory and keep the menu updated immediately. They can go to their QR menu maker dashboard to remove items while they’re unavailable and add new selections.

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to introduce new menu selections your restaurant has been developing. Labeling the item as “new” or highlighting new products on the digital menu can prompt people to order your new offers.

Moderate staff workload during peak hours

Group of friends in a burger joint with a tabletop tent menu QR code

Whenever there are discounts, expect people to flock. When running the best Black Friday menu deals, prepare staff for an influx of customers—each with unique demands, and some having multiple orders at once.

An interactive digital menu allows customers to order meals using only their smartphones. The waitstaff can address and do other tasks besides taking customer orders. This streamlines the ordering process because fewer people are needed to fulfill orders.

On the upside, staff can instead focus on helping the kitchen sort out orders, prepare ingredients, and more. This can also decrease staff workload, keeping them happy and satisfied with a better work-life balance.

Mobile payments on the interactive menu

Smartphone with a black friday voucher and a tabletop tent QR code menu

Aside from promoting restaurant contactless ordering, an interactive QR menu can facilitate mobile payments. Many industries have used QR codes as a digital payment solution because of how easy and convenient it is to implement.

For Black Friday celebrations, take advantage of the convenience of mobile payment integration with the interactive digital QR code menu.

Add printed QR codes to tables, menu triangle stands, and counters to provide diners with a self-checkout method. These codes can also work for tips.

With a packed restaurant during the celebration, it can be challenging to attend to each customer. Using a digital menu isn’t only convenient for customers to quickly settle their bills but also for staff because there’s less workload to do.

Flexible QR code menu depending on the table

Some food establishments offer different menus depending on the table. High-end and fine-dining restaurants can have specialized places and conference rooms where people of high stature can gather and discuss business.

A menu QR code maker can create different menus for different tables. This flexibility can provide better customer experiences because they can feel the service given to them is exceptional. Consequently, you can update it in real-time to reflect the latest menu. 

Last-minute Black Friday restaurant deals and ideas

Black Friday is not your typical holiday. You must think of marketing ideas to help your restaurant stand out from competitors. Every business from any industry curates marketing strategies that allow them to boost engagements and sales.

According to Lightspeed data, 83% of consumers plan to dine out during the holidays. Prep your restaurant with November restaurant marketing ideas and strategies that can catch the attention of your target customers.

Take note of these strategies to help you capture the hearts of your target clientele.

Curate a special Black Friday menu

Some customers are looking for a sumptuous dinner banquet to feed their cravings after shopping all day. This will be an excellent opportunity for your restaurant.

Go beyond the expected special deals for the holiday and make a gimmick that’s interesting enough to convince customers to dine.

For instance, you can mix and match some of your menu lists and allow your customers to create exceptional meal deals. You can update your interactive menu and edit the add-ons of your menu entrees using your MENU TIGER account. 

Partner up with a local business owner

Team up with a local pastry shop, brewery, or winery to leverage your restaurant offers and deals. 

Set up your interactive menu with the retail products from your local partners. You can highlight these stocks on your online ordering page as a unique Black Friday offer.

You can also benefit from the sales and profit during the holidays and your partner stores. 

Leverage your loyalty program

Encourage your target audience to dine at your restaurant on the holiday. You can give them cashback or a discount for each minimum order of meals from your menu.

Restaurant loyalty programs contribute to a rise in overall patron spending. Additionally, it keeps orders direct and offers a valuable way for restaurants to raise sales and profits.

A loyalty program in a restaurant is like a mind game where one can benefit from the other. Reciprocity is a clever tactic to use in your restaurant’s loyalty program.

Smooth Black Friday operations with an advanced QR code menu software

An interactive digital menu can help restaurants offer Black Friday restaurant deals smoothly. It can also help them operate efficiently despite the huge volume of customers.

While there are many different digital menu software online, they aren’t the same. Some platforms can charge a lot for a monthly subscription but offer only selected features.

Finding the best QR menu generator that suits you takes time and effort. When trying out a digital menu maker, choose a platform that offers a free trial for up to 14 days with no credit card sign-up required.

For your QR code menu needs on Black Friday, use MENU TIGER, trusted by the biggest names in the hospitality and food and beverage industries, such as Hyatt, Hilton, and Mansion.

Visit MENU TIGER to start the free trial and choose the best plan that fits your needs.

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