5 Best QR Code for Restaurant Menu in 2023
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5 Best QR Code for Restaurant Menu in 2024

What are the qualities of the best QR code for restaurant menu?

This question should be your top priority as you check out several QR menu providers on the market. If you still don’t have an answer, you’ll find one in this article.

New QR code menu providers keep popping up rapidly, which might overwhelm you as to which platform is the best one you can integrate into your restaurant business. 

Each platform comes with distinct features and prices, so as a restaurant operator, the best move is to evaluate the software’s features and assess whether it’s worth its price. 

Know the factors to consider to make the best purchase by reading further.

The rise of the QR code menu

Technological advancements like the menu QR codes became mainstream during the pandemic period. 

Many restaurants have relied on this technology in response to changing customer needs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested using digital menus and touchless payment options to minimize the spread of the virus.

Moreover, the implementation of the best QR code menu for restaurants tremendously helped restaurants operate efficiently despite facing the challenge of labor shortages. 

Restaurant industry experts believe that this technology will linger on even after the health crisis. According to Square’s Future of Restaurant 2021 report, 76% of restaurants revealed they would continue using contactless technology. 

Meanwhile, MENU TIGER’s restaurant industry statistics show that the USA ranks first for countries that use a contactless menu QR code. Among the top ten are five Asian countries, implying this restaurant technology’s widespread use. 

In fact, Statista’s 2021 survey revealed that 59% of respondents think that QR codes will become a permanent part of their smartphone usage in the future. 

Qualities of the best QR code for restaurant menu

Easy to navigate

It’s crucial for your online restaurant menu software to have a simplified interface so that restaurant customers can easily access the features, explore the content, and place their orders.

Ensure the digital menu QR code software has intuitive and recognizable icons; this will help customers easily navigate the online menu.

It will also be a plus if the restaurant tool includes a search bar so customers can find specific food items or beverages faster.

Has relevant integrations

A QR code menu software that integrates with other useful tools will benefit you in many ways. 

For instance, if the platform integrates with different mobile payment channels like PayPal or Stripe, it increases your productivity as it automates payment transactions. 

This is also cost-efficient since you won’t need to spend on separate tools to organize workflow and costs associated with manual data entry and processing.


A QR code menu ordering software should ease the recurring problems in your restaurant.

Therefore, see that the tool you’re looking for contains the must-have features to ease issues in your daily operations. 

For instance, if you need a tool that will accelerate the process of taking orders, you must include in your list of requirements a feature like QR code mobile ordering. This would help you cater to a large volume of customers and make the ordering transactions faster.

You may also consider additional features that can improve your services and will add value to your work.

Optimized for different device operating systems

It would be a nightmare for you and your customers if they could not access your digital menu because it’s incompatible with their smartphones.

You must guarantee that your chosen software works with Android, iOS, and other leading operating systems on the market. This way, you can ensure customer convenience.

It would also be favorable if your QR menu could work on different operating systems like Windows and Mac. The flexibility of the tool on various devices makes menu editing easier.

Digital restaurant menu software: Key features and pricing

For your guide in choosing the best QR code menu for restaurants to integrate with your business, see the following list:


MENU TIGER is an advanced digital menu solution with great marketing tools and an intuitive interface for easy navigation and editing. 

Its marketing tools include featuring high-profit items on the menu, running promotions on the website, labeling items as “new” or “bestseller,” and many more. 

Since MENU TIGER offers an interactive digital menu QR code, customers can place orders by scanning the customizable QR codes or place orders online through the website’s shareable URL (which you can also convert into a QR code). 

Moreover, its Canva integration for restaurant menu gives you limitless options when designing table tents, promotional materials, and menu QR codes.

It also has a Zapier integration is helpful when organizing your workflow. It supports cashless transactions with its mobile payment integration with Stripe and PayPal.

MENU TIGER offers a freemium plan with great service inclusions, such as access to multi-language menu translation. You can also generate sales and revenue reports, run one promo type on the restaurant website, create 10 QR codes, and many more.

To experience more advanced features, start a 14-day free trial on its affordable paid plans. 

Other features:

  • White-label website domain
  • Generate WiFi QR code 
  • Printer integration
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Add co-admin and sub-user
  • Schedule item visibility on specified date and time

Pricing details: Regular ($17 per month); Advanced ($46 per month); Premium ($119 per month)

2. Instalacarte

Instalacarte provides a practical way to bring your restaurant online. After creating and deploying the QR menu, you can take dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders. 

Instalacarte also allows you to provide detailed information about each item on the menu, including food descriptions, pricing, and photos. You can update this information any time of the day without creating a new QR code.

The good thing about Instalacarte is that you can set up your menu in different languages, providing more opportunities to engage a broader audience.

Customers would be confident that they get what they want because they can add a note to their orders. However, each item does not have modifier options for sides or add-ons.

Other features:

  • Customize your menu 
  • No third-party app needed

Pricing details: free of charge but with limited features

3. Menury

Menury is a digital menu provider perfect for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and other food-related establishments. 

With Menury, you can create your digital menu and generate multiple QR codes for each restaurant in seconds. To make the code visually appealing, you can customize the design by choosing colors and adding a logo.

This online restaurant tool can translate your menu into several languages. Since the menu is only for viewing, customers still need to call and show the server the items he wishes to order. 

The platform supports multi-language translation, so it’s easier for customers to choose orders in their native language. 

Other features:

  • Website integration
  • Online reservation tool
  • Manage multiple restaurants

Pricing details: Basic (free of charge); Premium ($47.92 monthly)

4. Butlaroo

Butlaroo provides a contactless menu solution for restaurants and other food-related service businesses. This platform lets restaurant diners view the menu, order, and pay straight from their mobile device.

The app has many compelling features, including POS integration, a fully configured menu, and the ability to receive unlimited orders.

Using the great features of Butlaroo, the hospitality and restaurant industries will have streamlined services and efficient workflow.

Other features:

  • Unlimited access to the dashboard
  • Add unlimited users
  • Access to restaurant statistics
  • Fully customizable reporting
  • Advanced insights and statistics

Pricing details: $31.74 fixed monthly service fees

5. Bonee

Bonee is another mobile ordering and payment digital menu solution for restaurants of any size.

Its simplified interface makes navigating, updating pricing, and adding or removing certain items easy. For a better ordering experience, you can add photos to each item and other relevant food details.

To access the online menu, customers won’t need a scanner app; they can use the in-built camera app on their mobile device. They can also choose from the language options and set them according to their preference.

They only need to scan the menu QR code using their smartphones’ default camera; there is no need for a third-party scanner app. It also has an automatic menu translation feature, perfect for foreigners.

Bonee has a 7-day free trial on its paid plans, but they don’t offer a free plan. 

Other features:

  • Gather client feedback
  • White label program
  • No app download

Pricing details: Covid-19; Starter ($39 monthly); Basic ($59 monthly); Premium ($129 monthly)

How to scan restaurant menu QR code

Don’t know how to scan a menu using your smartphone? We got you covered. You only have to open your camera; most smartphone cameras now have built-in scanners.

But if your device does not run a feature for QR code scanning, you can install a QR code scanner app like QR TIGER.

Follow these steps to learn how to scan a QR code based restaurant menu:

Step 1: Connect your device to a stable internet connection or keep your mobile data open.

Step 2: Open your device’s camera app.

Step 3: Position the rearview camera app on the QR code menu.

Ensure the QR code fits in the frame so the device can read the code easily.

Step 5: Once redirected, start browsing the online menu.

Choose the best digital menu solution for your restaurant business

When choosing the best QR code for restaurant menu, you must go for one that’s a worthy investment.

See to it that software has the potential to fix problems such as short staffing, inaccurate orders, and delays in processing customers’ payments. It must efficiently solve the recurring issues you have in your restaurant. 

MENU TIGER possesses useful features, valuable integrations, and full customer support, making it the best QR code menu on the market.

Book a demo or sign up for a free trial to see MENU TIGER’s excellent services.

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