Top Five Best free QR code menu for restaurants and hotels
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Top 5 best free QR code menu for restaurants and hotels

With the best free QR code menu for restaurants and hotels available, you can alleviate your services and cater to customers with established standards.

Addressing common restaurant problems like staff shortage, order errors, and reprinting of updated menus tend to take all your time, budget, and efforts. This will undermine the capabilities of your restaurant to thrive in the market.

Before deciding what fits for your business, check out these essentials in choosing the best QR code menu software.

Factors in choosing the best QR code for restaurant menu

QR code for restaurant menu
Table tent QR code menu

You should consider different essentials when choosing the best free QR code menu for restaurants and hotels. 


Check first if your current restaurant tools are compatible with the QR code menu software. This will enable you to conduct business operations without encountering any difficulties due to incompatibility.

For instance, check to verify if the application is compatible with both iOS and Android. Doing this guarantees your clients no trouble using their smartphones to scan and access your interactive menu.

You may also see if the QR menu application is simple to use on Mac and Windows computers.

To ensure that the QR code menu is responsive, it is crucial to consider the compatibility of a QR menu software.


Look for a QR menu software that offers the features you need for your restaurant and hotel. 

Make sure that the QR menu software offers a QR code menu for restaurants free for customization, where you can add your restaurant logo and edit the QR code appearance to strengthen your branding.

Aside from that, see if it generates sales and revenue reports so you can track your restaurant’s performance. You can also consider if it has a customer management feature that allows you to create customer profiles and track their order history. 

Here are some additional guide you need to check when looking for a smart QR menu software:

Does the software let you curate your QR code menu with easy drag and drop of your high-quality photos, and can you add modifications and other food options in an instant?

Or can you easily change your tablet menu item’s availability within the app for automatic menu updates?

Ease of use

Online ordering platform
Digital menu on a tablet

Choose a QR menu software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Make sure that the software has a user manual. This will help you easily browse the clean and intuitive user interface. 

The QR menu software has responsive technical support that can answer your queries if any issues persist.

Reliable customer support

Look for software with a reliable customer support system in case you need help in navigating and accessing the interface.

This is an important factor to consider when choosing the best QR code for a restaurant menu. Check if the software has a reliable customer support system available during regular business and peak hours to ensure that anyone from the team can answer your queries.

Aside from that, make sure that before you create restaurant menu QR code, the software has a good reputation for providing helpful and knowledgeable customer support.

You can also check the customer reviews and testimonials to get an idea about what and how the software works.

Positive reviews

Choose the software with high ratings and positive reviews. This typically comes from other customers who use the software in their businesses. 

By doing so, you will be able to know and get an idea of what the software is about and how it works. You can also get a rating about the overall effectiveness of the free digital menu app and how it solves common restaurant problems today.

Aside from that, you can also get an insight or leave a comment about the QR code menu software to help the company improve in the long run.

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Best QR menu for restaurants and hotels

Now that you’ve gathered the factors in choosing the best QR menu for restaurants and hotels, you can check out this list and choose what is best for your restaurant and hotel.


MENU TIGER homepage interface

MENU TIGER is one of the best QR code menus for restaurants free of charge and other industries up to date. You can avail most of the features of the MENU TIGER Freemium plan and enjoy these benefits in making your restaurant and hotel into a digitalized service provider.

The Freemium plan of MENU TIGER allows you to manage 1 store that can create QR code menus for 10 tables. You can customize the interactive menu QR code with 7 menu categories and 7 food items per category. Aside from that, you can also customize the menu QR code, change its QR code colors, and add a logo for strong branding. 

Customers can also order through the free QR code menu and online ordering platform. You can also have access to all multi-languages for menu translation to cater to different groups of customers in your restaurant and hotel. Aside from that, you can also run a one-promo deal type for your business. 

MENU TIGER also allows you to generate customer feedback report forms to get insights from your targeted guests. Lastly, you can also strengthen your online presence and have access to your restaurant’s and hotel’s website menu. 

MENU TIGER’s customer support is available 24/7 via email.

Pricing Plan: Freemium plan for $0; Regular Plan for $38; Advanced Plan for $89; and Premium Plan for $119.

2. Instalacarte

Instalacarte domain
Instalacarte homepage interface

Instalacarte allows you to create a QR code contactless menu with an auto-translate to 12 languages. Additionally, you can also customize your Android tablet menus with enticing descriptions, custom fonts, colors, and templates. 

However, Instalacarte only caters to one QR code menu that allows customers to choose their table number on the tab provided in the online ordering platform. 

Pricing Plan: Free Plan for $0 for limited features only.

3. Menury

Menury domain
Menury homepage interface

Menury offers a synchronized menu from the restaurant portal to your website and QR code. The digital menu software offers a permanently free of charge plan with limited features.

You can access the software’s menu generator and create an interactive menu for your restaurant. Menury also enables you to register guests dining in your restaurant.

Aside from that, Menury also has website integration and online reservation tool features that make your restaurant’s dining experience a seamless one.

Pricing Plan: Basic Plan for $0; and Premium Plan for $48.79.

4. Mydigimenu

Mydigimenu domain
Mydigimenu homepage interface

Mydigimenu offers a Fight COVID-19 plan that offers a free QR menu for your restaurant. These free QR menus are menu templates that can be customized with different menu items.

However, the Mydigimenu Fight COVID-19 plan is not applicable in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, the United States of America, and India.

Pricing Plan: Fight Covid-19 for $0; Start-Up Menu for $39; Silver Menu for $55; Gold Menu for $65; Platinum Menu for $99; Diamond Menu for $119; and Emerald Menu for $179.

5. Orderlina

Orderlina domain
Orderlina signup page

Orderlina offers a free subscription plan to restaurateurs and hoteliers. 

Aside from the interactive menu, your restaurant customers can also opt to pay through payments via Stripe, Apple, and Google Pay. 

Orderlina only caters up to 200 visits per month with limited features only.

Pricing Plan: Free for $0; Orderlina for $19 per month; and Orderlina Pro for $99.

Sign up for a free QR code menu software now

A QR code menu can help with some typical restaurant issues. For instance, it reduces staff scarcity and does away with workers’ need to distribute menus physically.

While clients can quickly scan the menu and place an order from their mobile devices, QR menus help lessen the chances of order mistakes.

Customers may easily view updated menus without having to print and distribute new menus, as well. It’s crucial to look at the features of the QR code menu software’s free plans.

Discover the best software that satisfies your goals and matches your budget by researching and comparing the available possibilities.

With MENU TIGER’s features, you can easily address common restaurant issues that may arise. You can also streamline your services and cater to customers with dedication and respect for their safety because of the online and QR code ordering system of the software. Run promo deals and increase customer loyalty for your restaurant!

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