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7 Striking Benefits of QR Code Menu for Your Restaurant

The benefits of QR code menu include allowing customers to navigate your digital menu easily, place their orders smoothly, and pay by scanning the QR code.

These make it easier for restaurants to deliver excellent customer service and streamline operations.

You can use these advantages to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall dining experience for your customers.

Thus, implementing a QR code digital menu into your restaurant helps bring your food business into the spotlight.

Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just starting, read more about this game-changing technology.

What is a QR code digital menu?

Menu QR code table top
Scanning menu QR code on a tabletop

A QR code menu is a powerful QR code type that can lead any scanner to a mobile-friendly landing page to access a digital menu.

Upon scanning the QR code with their smartphone or tablet, a link will appear on their screens. Tapping this will redirect them to a web page showing the restaurant’s menu. 

From there, they can browse and select items. And if it’s an interactive restaurant menu, customers can also place their orders and pay directly from their phone.

With this innovation, restaurants can save on printing expenses and operate smoothly even when short-staffed.

Moreover, it can add convenience, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.

QR codes for restaurants: Why should you use them?

At the height of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that restaurants must remove printed menus to reduce the transmission of possible microbes.

This guideline led to the shift to digital menus, which then paved the way for QR codes as menus. Customers only had to use their smartphones to scan them.

With a digital menu powered by QR code technology, customers can access the menu without touching any printed menu or interacting with a server. 

This reduces the risk of contamination and helps maintain restaurant safety.

Further, QR codes for restaurants are implemented because they offer several benefits to the restaurant and customers.

And these QR code benefits can help streamline transactions and boost your restaurant services, guaranteeing that customers enjoy their dining experience.


The benefits of QR code menu in your restaurant

QR code menu for restaurant
Ordering using QR code menu

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to improve their business and provide a better experience for their customers. 

And with the increasing popularity of contactless solutions, QR code digital menus might have reached your ears somehow. 

But what are the benefits that they offer? We have summed up the QR code benefits that you can get from a digital menu to help you understand better:

Contactless ordering and payment

Since COVID-19, customers have been more concerned about hygiene and will avoid unnecessary contact as much as possible.

With a QR code digital menu, customers can only use their smartphones to perform multiple actions without touching a physical menu or other surfaces.

And with an interactive restaurant menu, your diners can have less physical interaction with waitstaff since they can already order and pay through the software.

This provides peace of mind for your customers and reduces the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria, making your restaurant a safer place to dine.

Faster service and reduced wait times

Traditional menus require customers to call a server, wait for them to take their order, and then wait again for their food to arrive. 

But with a QR menu, customers can order from their devices. These will go directly to your kitchen staff, reducing wait times and allowing your workers to get food to tables faster. 

This can help you turn tables quickly, increasing your revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

Increased order accuracy

When customers place their order through a server, there’s always the potential for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

And serving the wrong order can surely frustrate any customer; they’d have to wait again as you prepare the meal that they actually ordered. It’ll even be worse if they’re already hungry.

This is one of the reasons why restaurants use QR codes for menus. With a QR code digital menu, customers can see the items themselves and ensure they order what they exactly want. 

This eliminates the chances of any misunderstandings between the customer and the server.

Further, your staff will be 100% sure that the orders they prepare are accurate. The orders will be sent directly to the kitchen, where your employees can check the order before preparing it.

This can be a huge advantage for your restaurant business as it avoids waste of ingredients and time while enhancing your reputation.

Easy to update menu items and prices

Imagine how inconvenient it would be for your customers if they ordered a meal you’ve already phased out. This is why it’s crucial to update menus constantly or when necessary.

With a QR code in the restaurant menu, you can easily update your menu items and prices as needed without reprinting and distributing new menus.

This can be especially helpful if you have seasonal menu items or need to make quick changes due to supply issues or other factors.

And suppose an item is already sold-out or is currently unavailable. In that case, you can quickly label that item on the QR menu dashboard. 

You can guarantee your customers can always access the most current menu information.

Cost-effective solution

Printing physical menus can be pricey, especially if you update them frequently. You must allocate a budget for paper, ink, and printer expenses.

With an innovative digital menu, you can simply update your digital menu whenever you need to without worrying about the cost of printing and distributing new menus. 

This saves you money and effort, letting you easily update your menu.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American generates 4.40 pounds of daily garbage.

As a restaurateur, you can do your part by switching to QR code digital menus. These eliminate the need for paper menus, reducing waste and saving money on printing costs.

And since you can easily and quickly update QR menus anytime, you won’t have to reprint menus constantly.

By switching to a paperless menu QR code, you can help save the environment while saving money from reprinting costs.

Enhanced customer experience

QR code digital menus can provide customers with a more modern and streamlined dining experience. 

Customers appreciate the ease of use and the ability to browse the menu at their own pace. Having cashless payment options is also a plus.

Furthermore, QR menus can provide customers with additional information about the dishes, such as nutritional information and allergen warnings.

This can help improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

How to implement QR codes in restaurant menus with MENU TIGER

QR code for restaurant menu
Promoting menu QR code on posters

QR code-powered digital menus are the rising trend among restaurants today as more establishments adopt and use them.

Want to use them but don’t know how? Here are five simple steps you must follow to implement QR code digital menu in your restaurants successfully:

1. Choose a reliable QR code digital menu software

One wise option that can provide your customers and restaurant business with great deals and benefits is MENU TIGER.

MENU TIGER is a reliable, secure, and user-friendly software provider offering various features tailored to your needs.

Further, the software offers various customization options. You can customize your digital menu design, menu QR code, and landing page to fit your restaurant’s branding.

Another great feature MENU TIGER offers is dayparts, which allows you to easily organize your restaurant’s scheduling and availability of your food items. 

And with MENU TIGER’s secure payment methods, you can ensure your restaurant’s transactions are safe.

2. Create your digital menu and customize your menu QR code

Start to create a restaurant menu by providing all the information needed: the menu items, descriptions and images for each item, and prices.

With MENU TIGER, you can customize the overall design of your digital menu and landing page to fit your restaurant’s brand. After that, create and customize your menu QR code.

Modify your QR code’s overall looks: eyes, pattern style, and colors. You also have the option to add your restaurant logo, a frame, and a call to action.

These customization features help you stay consistent with your branding and will boost your restaurant’s identity.

3. Test your menu QR code

Test your menu QR codes to ensure that they are working correctly. 

To do this, scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and see if it redirects you to your digital menu. Also, check if your food items and information are correct.

Doing so also helps you identify any technical issues before they become problematic, allowing you to fix them quickly and efficiently.

4. Print and promote your menu QR codes

Once you’ve created your menu QR codes, print them with high-quality paper and display them throughout your restaurant. 

Print your menu QR codes on stickers, table tents, or posters. You can then place them on table tops or post them on your restaurant’s walls, windows, and doors. 

Make sure to display your QR codes in a prominent location where customers can quickly scan them.

You can even post it online with an appealing and intriguing caption to capture your target customer’s attention.

5. Train your staff 

Implementing a food QR code system involves more than creating and promoting the code; you must also train your staff so they can accurately use it during operations.

This includes how to help customers scan the code, navigate the menu, and process orders and payments.

It’s also important to emphasize the menu QR code benefits as you train them. This way, they will understand why your restaurant should have the QR menu system.

You should also provide your staff with a cheat sheet or FAQ document that outlines common questions and issues that may arise when using the QR code.

Streamline your restaurant operations with MENU TIGER

QR code digital menus have proven to be a beneficial tool for restaurant owners. 

With the ability to enhance customer experience, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, QR menus are a wise investment for any restaurant owner looking to improve their business operations. 

MENU TIGER offers a comprehensive QR menu solution that is easy to implement and can be customized to fit the unique needs of any restaurant.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to streamline your operations for customer satisfaction while maximizing the benefits of QR code menu, it’s time to consider implementing them. 

With the right software, restaurant owners can take their business to the next level and meet the demands of the modern world.

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